Marriage taught me that you must always remember that every commitment, every choice you make has an impact on the other person.”

Kathleen Turner once shared that she and Michael Douglas came close to having a romantic involvement while working together. Their chemistry both on and off the screen during their collaboration was palpable, sparking intense attraction.

In 2019, Kathleen Turner, the actress, disclosed that during their joint appearance in the 1984 film “Romancing the Stone,” she and actor Michael Douglas shared a significant connection.

Turner revealed that there was a genuine sexual attraction between her and the Academy Award winner, although they both admitted they were inept at flirting.

Reflecting on their bond during that period, the 68-year-old actress recounted to the Daily Mail, “The chemistry was undeniable, and both Michael and I were not adept at flirting.”

Turner admitted that she believed the 78-year-old Douglas was separated from his wife at the time. However, her perception changed when she encountered his spouse unexpectedly on set one day:

“I assumed Michael was no longer with his wife. We were in the midst of filming in the jungle, and I was developing romantic feelings towards him. It seemed inevitable. Then, one day I arrived on set and discovered his wife was present.”

At that moment, Turner realized that Douglas was indeed a married man. She recounted, “She sat beside him and made it very clear to me. That was the end of it. I have no interest in interfering with another woman’s marriage.”

In a May 2021 interview with People magazine, Turner confessed, “I was definitely interested,” expressing her belief that there might have been potential for a real-life romance between them.

From their collaboration in the action-adventure film, Douglas and Turner emerged as one of Hollywood’s most iconic romantic pairings. Turner, a Tony Award nominee, fondly recalled the dynamic they shared during filming:

“It was that delightful tension, you know? When you desire someone deeply – and I can say it was mutual – but circumstances prevent it. It’s both tantalizing and frustrating.”

Another memorable encounter occurred when Douglas’s wife cautioned Turner to refrain from inappropriate behavior with her husband. Turner recounted an incident at a Valencia hotel where she and Douglas were having dinner, and his wife unexpectedly arrived.

“That gave her an opportunity to address me directly…” Turner remembered. She mimicked reaching out to touch an imaginary hand, to which Douglas’s wife responded, “You are aware we’re still married, and I have no intention of changing that.”

Turner admitted to herself, “That settled it. I would never interfere in another woman’s marriage. It made me feel sick.” Despite the exhilaration of falling in love, Turner confessed feeling devastated. Nevertheless, she and Douglas maintained their friendship for over four decades.


Although things didn’t transpire as expected with Douglas, Turner eventually found love with real estate entrepreneur Jay Weiss, with whom she shares a 35-year-old daughter. The couple tied the knot in 1984, and Turner reminisced about their memorable wedding:

“Jay and I had one of the most wonderful weddings. We rented a large beach house for both our families. Jay and I stayed in a small house on the dunes. Everyone bonded and had a fantastic time.”

Their daughter, Rachel, was born in October 1987. Turner revealed that Weiss made it a point to be present every morning at 5 a.m. when their daughter and she had their first feeding in the hospital.

Upon returning home, Weiss took care of the 6 a.m. feeding while Turner handled the late-night ones. Reflecting on motherhood in March 2008, Turner described it as beautiful, acknowledging the help she received from a Filipino nurse.

Regarding her relationship with Weiss, Turner candidly stated, “After ‘Romancing the Stone,’ I didn’t think there were many men who would want to be with me. Jay swept me off my feet.”

Despite their divorce in 2007 after 23 years of marriage, Turner and Weiss remained amicable. Turner acknowledged that marriage taught her the importance of considering the impact of her choices on her partner.

Following their divorce, Turner embarked on a new venture into singing a few years ago, beginning her musical career, which she launched in London in March 2018. She collaborated with a coach and a musical director, eventually finding songs she loved.

Renowned for her distinctive and soulful voice, Turner waited four decades to pursue a musical career, citing intimidation and self-protection as reasons for the delay. She credited Molly Smith, the artistic director of Arena Stage in Washington, for inspiring her to explore singing.