Meg Foster was the movie star whose sky blue eyes drove people wild – sit down before seeing her today, 76

It’s an undeniable truth that we are all bound to grow old and grey (at least for now—who knows what advancements future technology and science may bring).

No matter how wealthy we are, how meticulously we manage our diet or exercise routines, how much sleep we get, or what our professions are, we all age. The specifics may vary, but the destination remains the same for everyone. It’s a fundamental aspect of biology, and there’s little we can do to change it.

This inevitability makes it somewhat amusing that we still find ourselves surprised when we see the effects of time on people. Perhaps you haven’t seen someone in years and are taken aback by how much they’ve aged. Or maybe you recognize a former movie star from your childhood, only to find their hair now white and their youthful energy faded.

The aging process of celebrities is particularly fascinating. Their appearances evolve over time, just like anyone else’s, but their journey is documented for the world to see. From film to film and red carpet to red carpet, their transformation is a visible timeline that fans can trace.

Speaking of which, does anyone remember Meg Foster?

Of course, you do! Known for her striking, icy blue eyes, intense gaze, and raw beauty, Foster made her acting debut alongside Michael Douglas in “Adam at 6 A.M.” (1970). She went on to star in numerous projects, including “The Six Million Dollar Man,” “Bonanza,” “The Twilight Zone,” and “Murder, She Wrote.”

Once a rising star and a sought-after actress, Foster has gradually faded from the limelight over the past two decades. Today, she looks almost unrecognizable from the woman Mademoiselle magazine once dubbed as having “the eyes of 1979.”

It’s no surprise given that she is now 76 years old. Yet, the internet seems unable to fully accept how much she has changed. Some comments are downright cruel, while others simply note the drastic difference in her appearance.

Despite this, we believe her choice to age naturally, without succumbing to the prevalent trend of plastic surgery in the entertainment industry, deserves admiration rather than criticism.

Foster remains active in the film and TV industry and is also reportedly involved in breeding horses, managing a large range on her own.