Melanie Griffith finally inks over her infamous Antonio Banderas tattoo – with something no one saw coming

Having a tattoo that serves as a permanent reminder of a past relationship is a common experience for many people, including celebrities.

For veteran actress Melanie Griffith, her tattoo dedicated to her ex-husband Antonio Banderas became a poignant symbol of their 18-year marriage, which ended in divorce.

After announcing their split in 2014, Griffith made the decision to cover up the tattoo during a film festival awards ceremony in Italy.

Over time, she opted for laser removal treatments to gradually erase the tattoo completely. Their divorce was finalized in December 2015, marking the end of their long union.

Griffith and Banderas first met on the set of the 1995 romantic comedy Too Much, where they fell in love. They welcomed their daughter Stella the following year and eventually tied the knot.

Their marriage was Griffith’s fourth, having been previously married to Don Johnson (twice) and Steven Bauer.

Despite their separation, Griffith and Banderas maintain a respectful and amicable relationship. Banderas has spoken fondly of Griffith, emphasizing her importance as a friend and co-parent to their children.

Reflecting on their whirlwind romance, Banderas recalled being captivated by Griffith’s presence at the Academy Awards and how their relationship evolved over the years.

Despite their divorce, he expressed enduring love and admiration for her.

Griffith’s decision to remove the tattoo dedicated to Banderas symbolized a new chapter in her life. In its place, she opted for a tattoo featuring the names of her four children arranged in a crossword puzzle design, signifying her unwavering love for her family.