Melanie Griffith Swaps Tattoo in Loving Tribute to Her Kids

Melanie Griffith has replaced her iconic Antonio Banderas tattoo with the names of her children after years of undergoing the tattoo removal process. The 65-year-old Working Girl actress proudly showcased her new ink during an outing in Los Angeles. She was seen wearing a black tank top that perfectly displayed the tattoo.

Instead of the heart-shaped tattoo that was once on her skin, Melanie now has the names of her children—Alexander, Stella, Dakota, and Jesse—inscribed on her arm.

The four names were creatively arranged in a unique crossword puzzle design, effectively concealing any remnants of her former heart tattoo underneath the new design.

Melanie appeared radiant, flashing a contented smile as she ventured out into the sunny day. She was dressed in a summery white skirt and sported cat-eye sunglasses.

Tatt’s cool! Melanie Griffith has replaced her Antonio Banderas tattoo with the names of her children 

Fresh ink: The unique ink was on full display while Melanie was out in Los Angeles on Monday 

Happier times: Griffith pictured with her ‘Antonio’ tattoo in all its glory while out with her then-husband in 2005