Michael Strahan’s daughter in extreme pain during chemotherapy for brain cancer

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, recently provided a heart-wrenching update on her battle against brain cancer.

In a candid vlog titled “Vlog 8: Recovering from Chemo at home,” the 20-year-old bravely shared her experiences with chemotherapy on her YouTube channel.

In the video, Isabella opened up about the intense physical pain she is enduring during her treatment journey. She described the agony, comparing it to a “heart attack” while attempting to alleviate her headache with an ice pack on her newly shaved head. Isabella confessed, “Everything hurts,” expressing the strain on her eyes, mouth, and jaw.

She detailed the strain on her eyes, saying they hurt when looking to the sides, and described her mouth feeling as if she had undergone a massive root canal on every tooth. The pain extended to her jaw and the bottom of her tongue when swallowing water.

Isabella revealed her preference for radiation or brain surgery over chemotherapy due to the excruciating pain it inflicts on her body. She expressed her concerns about potential complications during treatment and the fear of the unknown, mentioning the possibility of a heart attack or vision impairment.

Despite the challenges, Isabella expressed happiness at being back home and sleeping in her own bed. She acknowledged feeling secure in the hospital but appreciated the comfort of familiar surroundings.

The vlog also offered glimpses of Isabella’s hospital stay and moments spent with her father, Michael Strahan, and twin sister, Sophia Strahan.

Isabella’s update follows the public disclosure of her diagnosis on Good Morning America, where she and her father shared an emotional segment. Recounting her symptoms, Isabella initially experienced headaches and nausea before waking up vomiting blood, leading to the diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor known as a medulloblastoma.

Despite the challenges, Isabella remains resilient. She completed her last round of radiation in January after freezing her eggs in response to her diagnosis. Our thoughts are with her and her family during these difficult times.