Monica Bellucci’s Daughter Takes the Spotlight: Duo Graces the Cover of Vogue

In a dazzling display of Italian beauty, the legendary actress Monica Bellucci, aged 56, and her 16-year-old daughter Deva Cassel have captivated the world by gracing the cover of Italian Vogue together for the first time. This moment not only showcases their stunning visuals but also symbolizes Monica Bellucci’s silent acknowledgment of paving the way for her successor.

Monica Bellucci and Deva Cassel have taken center stage on the cover of Italian Vogue. The magazine has revealed two versions of the cover, set to grace the pages of the July issue. Both mother and daughter are adorned in figure-hugging dresses from the renowned Dolce&Gabbana brand, for which they have served as muses for an extended period. Captured by the lens of photographer Paolo Roversi, he confessed that Monica’s eldest daughter had already become his favorite subject.

“I am fascinated by perfect beauty, just like when I photographed Natalia Vodianova and Kate Moss,” he added. Roversi expressed that he had wanted to invite Deva to shoot a few years earlier when Monica shared a photo of her daughter with him. Describing Deva as “dreamy and mysterious,” he reflects on the captivating qualities that he observed in her.

Monica Bellucci revealed that the idea of the mother-daughter photoshoot was entirely Deva’s. When asked about her interest in the concept, Deva replied, “Because our last photoshoot happened when you were pregnant with me. Before I embark on an independent journey, I want to do it again,” shared the star.

The actress also highlighted her daughter’s strong character, expressing confidence that Deva will handle any challenge. Monica considers herself a supportive mother who accepts her children for who they are. Describing Deva as self-sufficient and freedom-loving, Monica shared that Deva has been flying planes on her own since the age of 13 and is fluent in five languages. Monica emphasized Deva’s fearlessness and expressed pride in her daughter’s accomplishments.

Make way for the young
The head of the Italian editorial office of Vogue, Emanuele Farneti, spoke about the symbolism hidden in the new photographs of mother and daughter. “As you may have noticed, Monica seems to be keeping a low profile in the photo. Thus she shifts the focus to Virgo. This symbolic gesture seems to say: it’s time to give way to the young. Agree, you don’t see this often these days,” he emphasized.

Well, we couldn’t agree more with Farneti! Take even our domestic stars, who do not want to leave the stage in favor of young artists. Did you like the joint photo shoot of Monica and Virgo?