Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Personal Struggles Following Tom Cruise Divorce

In 2003, Nicole Kidman marked a significant achievement in her career by winning her first Oscar for portraying Virginia Woolf in “The Hours.” Despite her glamorous appearance and composed demeanor on stage, Kidman was privately grappling with personal pain during this triumph.

As she accepted the award with a smile, tears welled up, offering a brief glimpse into her emotional turmoil.

Kidman acknowledged the juxtaposition of personal challenges amid professional success during that period, as revealed in Dave Karger’s book “50 Oscar Nights.” Although she preferred to avoid late-night revelry, her colleagues persuaded her to attend the Vanity Fair afterparty, leading her to reluctantly join.

Reflecting on that night, Kidman vividly described entering the party, clutching the award, and feeling overwhelmed and emotional.

Sadly, the joy of the moment was overshadowed by personal struggles, leaving her with a lingering sense of regret for not fully embracing what should have been a pinnacle moment in her career.

The latter part of the evening saw Kidman eating on the floor of her Beverly Hills Hotel room with her family. Alone in bed before midnight, she had just finalized her divorce from Tom Cruise, her husband of 11 years.

Two years later, Kidman found love anew, this time in the arms of country star Keith Urban. Currently happily married to Urban, she has discovered solace and joy in their relationship.

In a 2021 interview, Kidman effusively praised Urban, attributing him to her grounded state. “I honestly wouldn’t be here without him, so I say that with incredible love and gratitude,” she expressed. “He’s my rock. He’s my everything.”

Despite being prominent figures in the entertainment industry, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban lead private lives. They are raising their two daughters away from the spotlight, offering only occasional glimpses into their family life.