Paparazzi captured 54-year-old Julia Roberts on a cruise! Fans were not thrilled with the simple outfit of the actress!

Unexpectedly, Julia Roberts is turning 55 this year. The actress confesses to feeling uneasy at high-profile events and maintains a private lifestyle.

Furthermore, she still navigates the red carpet with hesitation and is disconcerted by the flashes of numerous cameras directed at her.

Recently, the star embarked on a cruise to Australia, where once again, she was captured by paparazzi. It was challenging to identify the Hollywood star in a casual woman sporting shorts and an oversized T-shirt.

Additionally, she donned a baseball cap and a casual braid, completing her look with sunglasses. Fans of the celebrity were taken aback to see their beloved actress in such an uncomplicated outfit. Moreover, many observed that excessive thinness doesn’t suit her at all.

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