Paparazzi Snaps: Julia Roberts, 54, Cruises in Simple Outfit, Stirring Mixed Reactions

Surprisingly, Julia Roberts is turning 55 this year. The actress has confessed that she feels uneasy at social events and prefers a private lifestyle.

Furthermore, she continues to walk the red carpet with unease, feeling embarrassed by the numerous camera flashes directed at her.

Recently, the star embarked on a cruise to Australia, where paparazzi once again captured her. It was challenging to identify the Hollywood star in the simple woman wearing shorts and an oversized T-shirt.

Moreover, she was donning a baseball cap and a casual braid. The ensemble of our heroine was completed with a pair of sunglasses. Fans of the celebrity were taken aback to witness their beloved actress in such an understated appearance. Additionally, many observed that her excessive slimness didn’t suit her well.

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