Paul McCartney’s only son James makes rare appearance with father – his looks are highly criticized by fans

James McCartney, often keeping a low profile, may find himself retreating further into privacy after recent public scrutiny of his appearance at an event with his father, Paul McCartney. Fans of the legendary Beatle have been comparing James to his father, noting how much he resembles him but with criticisms about his weight and self-care.

James, the only son of Paul and Linda McCartney, has largely avoided the celebrity lifestyle, even working as a waiter before emerging as a musician in the 2000s. His stepsister Heather has also led a quiet life as a potter, while his older sisters Stella and Mary pursued successful careers in fashion and photography, respectively.

Growing up, James was heavily influenced by the pop-rock culture of his parents, spending his early years touring with Paul and Linda’s band, Wings. Reflecting on his career, James told the Daily Mail, “It’s hard to live up to The Beatles. When Wings toured, they got slated. Even Dad found it hard living up to The Beatles. I had to serve my time as a musician and wait until I had a good body of songs and for a time when both myself and my music were ready. I don’t want to sit around. I want to earn my own living.”

In the 2000s, James played backup percussion and guitar for some of Paul’s solo releases and contributed to his mother’s posthumous album, “Wide Prairie.” The death of his mother in 1998 marked a dark period in James’s life, leading him to struggle with drugs and alcohol and distancing himself from his family, particularly after Paul’s marriage to Heather Mills.

“My relationship with Heather was not very good. I didn’t like her,” James admitted. However, he acknowledged her as a good mother to his half-sister Beatrice, whom he adores.

James reconnected with his family in 2007 when Paul underwent angioplasty surgery. This period helped him realize the importance of family, stating, “Dad’s great now but that episode made me realize how important he is to me. He was suffering in his own way [because of his high-profile split from Mills]. He was under stress. In hindsight, I wish I’d been more supportive.”

In 2011, Paul married Nancy Shevell, whom James regards warmly. “Nancy’s my new mother. I feel that. Definitely. She’s very genuine,” he said.

James has since focused on his music career, releasing his debut single “Available Light” in 2010, followed by albums “Me” in 2013 and “The Blackberry Train” in 2016. In a 2012 interview with the BBC, he expressed his childhood ambition to be “better than the Beatles,” although he now aims to be on par with them.

James also entertained the idea of forming a new band with the sons of the original Beatles, including Sean Lennon, Dhani Harrison, and Zak and Jason Starkey. However, he later clarified that it was just a thought and emphasized his current focus on his band’s tour.

Recently, James appeared with his father and sisters at a private viewing of the “Paul McCartney 1963-64: Eyes of the Storm” exhibition in London. Despite being compared unfavorably to his father, James remains committed to his music and family.

In response to online criticism of his appearance, some fans defended James, emphasizing the double standards in body shaming. One commenter noted, “If it was a woman they would be all up in arms if there were any negative comments. Leave him alone ffs, nothing wrong with him…probably gets more women than most men in here too lol.”