Reba McEntire’s Son and Daughter-in-law Open Up on Fertility Struggles – Breaking the Silence

Becoming a mother or father might seem like the most natural thing in the world, but there are a large number of people out there – more than you perhaps might think – who face struggles in becoming a parent.

Some are forced to turn to IVF treatments to better their chance of falling pregnant; others, sadly, will never be capable of bearing a child. Honestly, my heart goes out to those who experience difficulty during the process of bringing new life into the world.

According to new reports, Reba McEntire’s son Shelby and his partner Marissa have been experiencing fertility issues of their own, with the latter using her Instagram page to talk openly on the topic in a bid to counteract the taboo that usually surrounds the subject.

As mentioned, fertility issues are likely more common than one would think. In an ideal world, no one would feel the need to keep quiet about their issues, but the reality is that a lot of couples suffer in silence.

The daughter-in-law of country music legend Reba McEntire, Marissa, is aiming to change that, after documenting her and Shelby Blackstock’s journey towards starting their own family.

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 17: Reba McEntire is seen at set of ‘Access Hollywood Live’ on November 17, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

The pair were married last year, and since then, they have been seeking to bring a child into the world. They share candid updates about their journey and have been trying for a year.

As per reports, the couple underwent their first treatment cycle in November, though unfortunately, they didn’t receive the results they were hoping for.

Marissa, though, is doing her best to remain optimistic and now wants to share her story to improve understanding on the matter.

She said: “I’m sharing our story openly because the silence around fertility struggles needs to be broken. It’s a tougher and more common journey than many realize.”

Marissa also reminded others who struggled with fertility issues that they were not alone on their journey and urged them to try and stay positive.

If Marissa and Shelby are successful in their efforts to conceive a child, the legendary Reba McEntire would become a biological grandparent for the first time. Her ex-husband Narvel’s stepson Brandon married singer Kelly Clarkson, with the pair welcoming two children to add to the son and daughter Brandon had from a previous relationship.

By all accounts, Reba treats those children as her grandchildren, and we can only imagine the joy with which she would react to becoming a grandparent again.

Here’s to wishing Shelby and Marissa Blackstock all the very best moving forward.