Revealing the Sister of Pretty Woman: A Glimpse into the Hollywood Star’s Sibling Today

The famous film star recently shared photos featuring her less-publicized sibling, and it came as a pleasant surprise to her fans! 😮🤐

Julia Roberts is undeniably one of the most sought-after, talented, and adored actresses in the world, known for her charismatic smile and charm. However, her personal life remains relatively concealed from the public eye.

For those who might not be aware, Julia has two siblings: a brother named Eric and a sister named Lisa. Her relationships with them have always been close and free from tension or unease.

Julia was just 17 years old when her sister, Lisa, left their hometown of Georgia and relocated to New York. Lisa had already been living there for a significant period when Julia decided to follow suit.

Julia didn’t hesitate for a moment when her sister expressed her desire to settle in New York and warmly welcomed her. Many years have passed, and both of them now have families of their own. Some even claim that Lisa shares the same beautiful smile.

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