Robert Downey Jr. Pulls the Ultimate Style Flex by Dressing Up Like His Oscar Statuette: ‘Oh Happy Day’

Robert Downey Jr. clinched his inaugural Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in ‘Oppenheimer.’

Basking in the glow of victory, Robert Downey Jr., 58, was all smiles following his win at the Oscars. The seasoned actor triumphantly received the prestigious award for his role in Christopher Nolan’s film, ‘Oppenheimer,’ which also snagged the Best Picture accolade later in the ceremony.

Maintaining the celebratory spirit, Downey Jr. carried the momentum into the morning after. Taking to social media on Monday, he shared a snapshot of himself posing with his newly acquired statuette, impeccably coordinated in attire that mirrored the golden Oscar.

Dressed in a luxurious golden bathrobe with white accents, complemented by his trademark glasses, Downey Jr. exuded the essence of Hollywood glamour.

Capturing his jubilant mood, the actor held a mug emblazoned with the word “Happy” and accompanied the image with a caption that exuded sheer contentment: “Oh happy day.”

Downey Jr.’s triumph at the 2024 Oscars placed him among a formidable lineup of nominees. Ultimately emerging victorious, he surpassed esteemed contenders such as Sterling K. Brown, Robert De Niro, Ryan Gosling, and Mark Ruffalo.

During his acceptance speech, Downey Jr. struck a balance between humor and gratitude, humorously acknowledging his tumultuous childhood before expressing heartfelt appreciation to his wife, Susan Downey, and the entire ‘Oppenheimer’ team, including director Christopher Nolan and his fellow cast members.

Closing his speech on a poignant note, Downey Jr. extended gratitude to his three children, Avri, Exton, and Indio, underscoring the profound significance of family in his life.

Despite the culmination of his ‘Oppenheimer’ journey with an Oscar win, Downey Jr. hinted at forthcoming projects, teasing, “I got a couple other tricks up my sleeve,” including his role in HBO’s upcoming adaptation of ‘The Sympathizer.’