Natasha Gregson Wagner, daughter of the embattled Robert Wagner, has taken up the mantle to defend her father against persistent suspicions surrounding the untimely death of her mother, Natalie Wood.

At 93 years old, Robert Wagner’s illustrious career includes collaborations with Hollywood luminaries like Raquel Welch and Paul Newman, as well as memorable roles in beloved television series such as “It Takes a Thief” and “Hart to Hart.”

Known for his portrayal of Dr. Evil in the iconic Austin Powers film franchise, Wagner reflects on his romantic involvements with legends like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford, highlighting a significant connection with Barbara Stanwyck during the filming of Titanic in 1953.

However, amid these glamorous associations, it was Natalie Wood, the captivating brunette, who captured his heart from their early days at 20th Century Fox. Their connection, initiated when Wood was just 10 years old, culminated in marriage not once but twice.

Wood, fondly remembered for her role in Miracle on 34th Street, expressed her admiration for Wagner in a 1976 interview, recalling their initial meeting and foreseeing their eventual union.

After their first marriage in 1957, subsequent divorce, and a decade apart, they rekindled their romance, welcoming a daughter named Courtney in 1974.

Tragically, Wood met her demise in 1981 under mysterious circumstances during a yacht trip with Wagner and actor Christopher Walken. Natasha, then 11, found herself under her father’s guardianship.

Despite years of maintaining silence, Natasha, now 52, co-produced the 2020 HBO documentary “Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind,” aiming to vindicate her father. Wagner, now 90, maintains his innocence, supported by his daughter’s unwavering trust.

The official investigation into Wood’s death concluded in 2020, leaving unanswered questions lingering about the tragic event.

As a dedicated father and grandfather, Wagner offers glimpses of his family life on Instagram, earning praise for his enduring commitment to his late wife’s memory and his continued involvement in his children’s lives.

Fans appreciate his grace and celebrate the moments he shares with his family, marking milestones together.