‘Rocky’ Star Dolph Lundgren, 65, Ties the Knot for the Second Time in Greece – Wait Until You Hear His Wife’s Age!

Dolph Lundgren, widely recognized for his roles in “Rocky IV” (1985) and “Creed II” (2018), has tied the knot once again, leaving many admirers heartbroken. The 65-year-old Swedish actor exchanged vows with his second wife, Norwegian personal trainer Emma Krokdal, in an intimate ceremony at their Mykonos villa in Greece.

Credit / Instagram – dolphlundgren

Their wedding, held on July 13, was an occasion shared with close family and friends. Despite facing various challenges during their relationship, including the impact of the pandemic and demanding medical treatments, the couple decided that the time had come to celebrate their love, life, and happiness in the breathtaking location of Mykonos, often referred to as the “land of the Gods.”

This marriage marks Lundgren’s second journey into matrimony. He was previously married to interior designer Anette Qviberg from 1994 to 2011, and they have two daughters together: Ida, 27, and Greta, 21.

Ida took to Instagram to share heartwarming glimpses of the romantic day, featuring Dolph and Emma exchanging wedding rings and beaming smiles as they sealed their love for one another. The videos showed a small group of people dancing and singing by an infinity pool while fireworks illuminated the night sky in celebration of this special moment.

Credit / Instagram – Ida Lundgren

Lundgren and Krokdal announced their engagement in June 2020, which came as a surprise to many due to their significant age gap of 39 years. Emma is 26 years old, just one year younger than Lundgren’s eldest daughter.

Despite the age difference, Lundgren has repeatedly expressed his admiration for Emma’s resilience in facing life’s challenges and her unwavering support during his private battle with cancer, a battle he shared earlier this year.

Lundgren, known for his roles in films like “He-Man” (1987), “The Punisher” (1989), and “The Expendables” (2010), revealed that doctors discovered a tumor in his kidney eight years ago, which was successfully removed. Subsequent scans in the following years appeared fine. However, in 2020, more tumors were detected during an MRI.

During an interview on “In Depth With Graham Bensinger,” Lundgren expressed his deep appreciation for Emma, mentioning that the age difference is considerable. However, he emphasized that he has been with people twice her age who were less mature. He praised Emma for her maturity and the unique life experiences she has overcome.

Credit / Instagram – dolphlundgren

Throughout his health journey, Krokdal remained a steadfast support, and Lundgren credited her love and unwavering presence as a significant source of strength in his life.

Congratulations are certainly in order for the happy newlyweds!