Shelley Long is a renowned actress famously known for her role as Diane Chambers in the iconic sitcom, “Cheers.” She unexpectedly quit the show at its peak, leaving the audience in shock. Almost 30 years later, she lives a life that is far different from what is expected of a star.

Shelley Long remains a household name, celebrated for her portrayal of Diane Chambers on the beloved sitcom “Cheers.” Despite departing from the show at its peak to pursue a film career, her trajectory took an unexpected turn. Today, the actress leads a solitary life, finding solace in the company of her Chihuahua.

Long ascended to stardom as one of the central figures on “Cheers,” where she portrayed Diane Chambers, a sharp-witted and articulate waitress whose tempestuous romance with Ted Danson’s character, Sam Malone, captivated audiences.

The show, created by James Burrows and Glen and Les Charles, debuted in 1983, set in a bar frequented by a colorful cast of characters. Long’s character served as a conduit for viewer engagement, guiding their interactions with the bar’s happenings.

Despite initial reservations about joining a TV series, Long was won over by the script’s quality, leading to her memorable audition. However, a wardrobe mishap on the audition day added an unexpected twist to her meeting with Danson, setting the stage for their enduring on-screen chemistry.

“Cheers” enjoyed a successful run until its conclusion in 1993, amassing numerous accolades and a devoted fanbase. Long’s portrayal earned her critical acclaim, including five Emmy nominations and two Golden Globe wins.

The dynamic between Long and Danson’s characters, marked by their tumultuous relationship, served as the show’s cornerstone. However, Long’s decision to depart from the series marked the end of their on-screen partnership.

Reflecting on her departure, Long acknowledged the difficulty of leaving behind a role that defined a significant chapter in her career. However, her desire to prioritize family and explore new opportunities prompted her decision.

Transitioning to the film industry, Long faced scrutiny and challenges, with some questioning the wisdom of leaving a successful television role. Nonetheless, she pursued a diverse array of projects, albeit without achieving the same level of success as “Cheers.”

In her personal life, Long weathered a tumultuous period following the dissolution of her marriage in 2004. Reports of a suicide attempt surfaced, though her publicist attributed the incident to a medication-related complication stemming from a chronic back injury.

Despite the upheavals, Long has maintained a low-profile existence in recent years, occasionally making appearances on television. Her bond with her daughter, Juliana, has remained a source of strength and inspiration, underscoring the enduring impact of her legacy on and off-screen.

Juliana delved into the world of theatre, showcasing her talent in various productions. From portraying “Boquicia” in the original musical “Invasion!” to embodying Elizabeth Proctor in “The Crucible” and Rabbi Isador Chemelwitz in “Angels in America,” she displayed versatility and depth in her performances.

During her college years, Juliana penned a poignant one-hour one-woman show titled “Pieces,” delving into her struggle with hoarding childhood mementos in her car trunk.

A defining moment in Juliana’s career occurred in 2004 when she starred in “Dead End,” a year marked by her parents’ divorce. Despite personal challenges, she stood by her mother, offering support during a trying period.

While her father, Tyson, embarked on a new chapter with another daughter named Bella, Juliana maintained strong bonds with both her father and half-sister.

Juliana made her television debut on “Privileged,” portraying Victoria Taylor. Beyond acting, she co-founded the Los Angeles-based theatre company “Boom Kat Dance Theatre” and launched Good Juju Ink, a brand offering greeting cards, apparel, and more.

In matters of the heart, Juliana found love with Ryan Kissick, a management consultant and Stanford alum. Their paths crossed at a mutual friend’s birthday bash after two decades apart, leading to a serendipitous reunion and eventual romance.

Their shared affinity for the film “Far and Away,” directed by Ron Howard—whose earlier film “Night Shift” starred Juliana’s mother—further solidified their connection. Their wedding at Ashford Castle in Ireland epitomized their love for cinematic romance.

Following a blissful honeymoon in South Africa, Juliana and Ryan welcomed their daughter, Josephine Belle Kissick, into the world on April 16, 2019.

While Shelley Long endured the pain of a failed marriage and aspirations for her career, her legacy as a talented actress, particularly from her time on “Cheers,” remains indelible. With the unwavering support of her daughter, she now embraces the role of grandmother, embarking on a new chapter filled with love and family.