‘Silver Spoons’ child-star Ricky Schroder starts foundation to combat ‘Hollywood Moral Decline’

Child stars often fade away from the spotlight as they grow older. However, Ricky Schroder, a former child actor prominent in the 1980s, has resurfaced with a new mission to address an issue he perceives in Hollywood.

Renowned for his roles in “The Champ” (1979) and the TV show “Silver Spoons,” Schroder has shifted from acting to advocating for social and political causes. Amid COVID-19 restrictions, he vocalized his views on personal freedom. Now, he has taken a step further by establishing a foundation.

The Reel American Heroes Foundation, founded by Schroder, focuses on honoring veterans and first responders, a cause he passionately supports. The foundation aims to showcase the stories of American heroes through films, documentaries, TV series, and public service announcements, emphasizing their courage, valor, and service to the nation.

The foundation’s goal is to inspire, raise awareness, entertain, and educate by presenting narratives about veterans, active soldiers, first responders, Gold Star families, and other heroic figures. Schroder distinguishes the foundation as a ‘patriotic PBS,’ intending to counteract the negative narratives from Hollywood and highlight overlooked American heroes.

Schroder explains the foundation’s mission, stating, “Here’s the plan. We’re going to build a sort of ‘Patriot PBS,’ an army of storytellers to counteract much of the negative program coming from Hollywood these days. Our money, our stories, our legacies.” He emphasizes storytelling as a crucial element in shared history, expressing confidence in building a foundation that will inspire the world through storytelling.

To achieve their objectives, the Reel American Heroes Foundation plans to collaborate with a seasoned team of creatives boasting over 100 years of combined experience in crafting, producing, and directing various media forms, including films, documentaries, TV series, and PSAs.

After being out of the limelight for a considerable time, Schroder reappears with a rugged look, returning to his creative roots with a newfound purpose.