Susan Sarandon was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told she would never be able to have kids. But years later, nearing 40, she got pregnant.

Mother of three and grandmother of three, Susan Sarandon, recently marked her 76th birthday.

The actress embraced motherhood at 39, defying naysayers and raising her child with love. Despite facing discouragement, she became a first-time grandma at 68, prioritizing her role as a grandmother.

Celebrating her 76th birthday on October 4, Susan Sarandon expressed joy in aging, emphasizing the beauty of embracing life fully. Grateful for her family, the “Stepmom” actress, a mother of three and grandmother of three, received heartfelt congratulations from her loved ones.

Her son, Jack Henry Robbins, posted a touching tribute, referring to Sarandon as the “Queen Bee,” praising her bravery, commitment, and care as a mother. Daughter Eva Amurri shared photos on her Instagram stories, expressing love for her mom.

Sarandon’s journey to her present contentment required resilience. Conceiving her first child at 38, she faced criticism for her decision. Undeterred, she embraced motherhood, proving that age is no barrier.

Getting Pregnant at 38 Amidst Skepticism Having divorced Chris Sarandon years earlier, Susan faced challenges when diagnosed with endometriosis during “The Hunger,” with doctors suggesting she might never have children. Despite being off birth control for years, she found herself pregnant at 38 during a film project in Italy.

Amidst skepticism and career concerns, she decided to keep the baby, even if the father, Franco Amurri, was uncertain. Defying societal expectations, she told him, “I’ve decided that I’m gonna have this baby.” Their daughter, Eva, was born in 1985, and despite the split with Amurri, Sarandon had no regrets.

In 1988, she met Tim Robbins, and they welcomed two children, Jack and Miles, forming a blended family. Despite their later separation in 2009, Sarandon’s commitment to family remained strong.

Thriving as a Grandmother Susan Sarandon’s dedication to family extends to her role as a grandmother. When daughter Eva went into labor early, Sarandon dropped everything to be by her side, prioritizing family over a preplanned Burning Man festival.

As a grandmother, Sarandon shares a special bond with her daughter Eva, who credits her for inspiring a balanced approach to motherhood. Sarandon supports her children through challenges, exemplified when Eva faced divorce while pregnant with her third child.

Eva and Kyle Martino’s split was accompanied by the news of her pregnancy. Despite the challenges, Sarandon offered unwavering support, emphasizing amicable co-parenting. Today, she takes her role as a grandmother seriously, showering her three grandchildren, Marlowe, Major, and Mateo, with love and attention.

Embracing the title of “Honey” instead of traditional grandma, Susan Sarandon finds joy in being a source of wisdom for the younger generation, passing down lessons learned through her unique journey.