The happy father gave an inside look at the nature-themed nursery he built for their baby. This room is so precious and special for the couple because of their long and rocky journey to parenthood.

Struggling with infertility for years, Drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan finally welcomed their first child in 2022, marking a new chapter in their lives. The couple poured their hearts into creating a stunning nursery from Phan’s craft room, preparing a cozy haven for their son.

Beyond his role as a co-host on “Property Brothers,” Drew Scott’s life is enriched by his deep connection with family. His love story with Linda Phan blossomed after their chance encounter at a Toronto Fashion Week in 2010, leading to years of romance and eventual marriage.

Their journey to the altar took a whimsical turn, as they surprised fans by revealing their secret hot tub wedding in Nashville, Tennessee, prior to their grand Italian destination ceremony. Despite the unconventional start, their bond only grew stronger with time.

The road to parenthood, however, was fraught with challenges. Scott and Phan grappled with infertility for two years, grappling with the emotional toll as they navigated disappointment and uncertainty amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic.

Their perseverance bore fruit when they received the joyous news of Phan’s pregnancy, bringing relief and happiness after years of longing. In December 2021, they joyously shared their pregnancy journey with the world, anticipating the arrival of their son, Parker James.

Upon Parker’s birth in May 2022, Scott and Phan embarked on a new adventure of parenthood, transforming their home to welcome their little one. The nursery, adorned with nature-themed décor and sentimental touches, reflected their love and anticipation for their son’s arrival.

This nursery wasn’t their first renovation project together; before tying the knot, the couple had already transformed their Los Angeles home into a stunning sanctuary. With each renovation, they infused their personal style and shared vision, creating spaces that reflect their love and commitment to each other and their growing family.

As they navigate parenthood, Drew Scott and Linda Phan continue to embrace the journey with love, resilience, and unwavering dedication to creating a beautiful life together.