The icon was pictured on the balcony of his Beverly Hills compound enjoying the morning air

The disheveled appearance of the three-time Oscar winner has raised concerns among his friends, who have reportedly expressed worry that he might end up living a solitary life, much like his former neighbor and legendary actor Marlon Brando.

At the age of 85, Jack Nicholson is arguably one of the most famous bachelors in Los Angeles. He had a brief four-year marriage before achieving stardom in Hollywood. His most well-known relationship with Angelica Houston came to an end nearly a quarter of a century ago.

The iconic star of “The Shining” was last seen in October 2021, sitting courtside with his son, Ray, who bears a striking resemblance to him, while they watched their beloved LA Lakers play. It’s reported that Ray, at 31 years old, is one of the few people with whom Nicholson maintains regular contact.

Recently, on a Thursday, Nicholson was spotted enjoying the fresh air as he looked out over the Franklin Canyon Reservoir. He was dressed in a loose-fitting pale orange shirt and baggy sweatpants, leaning against a balcony railing during the refreshing morning outing.