The Incredible Act of Kindness: Donnie Wahlberg’s Generous IHOP Gesture

In today’s challenging world, it’s no surprise that many people are working tirelessly just to make ends meet.

You’ve probably heard about those individuals who take advantage of the system, the few who seem to get by without working, benefiting from the kindness of others. However, for every “freeloader,” there are countless honest, hardworking individuals who put in the hours to get by. Some of these people may face financial difficulties, but they still show up day in and day out, working as many hours as possible to support themselves.

Bethany Provencher is one such individual, according to reports. She’s a diligent single mom with an 11-year-old son. A few years ago, she decided to make a fresh start after spending 18 years in Miami, moving to St. Charles, Illinois. Bethany secured an apartment and a job at a local IHOP thanks to her 25 years of experience in the customer service industry.

However, she knew that times would be tough for a while, and she hadn’t been able to furnish her new apartment properly due to financial constraints.

Then, one day near the turn of the year, a celebrity couple walked into the IHOP where Bethany worked and sat in her section. Bethany quickly recognized the man as none other than singer-songwriter Donnie Wahlberg, accompanied by his wife, Jenny McCarthy.

Bethany was thrilled to be serving him since New Kids on the Block, Donnie’s band, was one of her favorites, and she had a special fondness for Donnie himself.

Little did Bethany know that this day would have a significant impact on her life.

After Donnie and his family finished their meal, the singer paid their $35.27 bill and left a message for Bethany on the receipt. Next to a hand-drawn smiley face, it read: “Thanks, Bethany, Happy New Year. 2020 Tip Challenge.”

Reportedly, Donnie asked Bethany not to open the receipt until he and his wife had left the IHOP. Bethany followed his instructions, but when she finally unfolded the receipt, she was left utterly astonished. Donnie had left her and her coworkers a tip of $2,020!

See more on Donnie’s generosity in the video below:

What a beautiful gesture, one that undoubtedly made a significant difference for Bethany after her big move to Illinois. If you’d like to applaud Donnie Wahlberg for his act of kindness, please share this article on Facebook.