‘The Young & the Restless’ Star Don Diamont, 61, Welcomes First Grandbaby: First Photos & Details

61-year-old Don Diamont, renowned for his role in “The Young and the Restless” and currently part of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” joyfully announced the arrival of his first grandchild. Alexander, his son, embraced fatherhood with the birth of a beautiful baby boy, marking a poignant moment in their lives.

“SOUND THE TRUMPETS OUR FIRST GRANDCHILD! A beautiful baby boy! (no surprise there! Lol.), courtesy of Audrey @audreyfeyzdiamont and Alexander @rednaz_tnomaid. Great job, mom and dad! We are all overjoyed!!” shared the actor on his Instagram.

As a father of seven boys, Don Diamont was unsurprised to welcome a grandson as his first grandchild. Alexander Diamont, his eldest son, proudly stepped into parenthood.

Alexander and his wife Audrey Diamont exchanged vows on July 23, 2022, and later revealed their pregnancy in August of the subsequent year. Fittingly, the newborn boy was named August.

August, rooted in Latin, signifies “great” or “magnificent.” Though traditionally associated with males, the name is occasionally used for females and has ancient Roman origins.

Reflecting on past hardships, Don Diamont shared about the losses of his father and older brother before becoming a father to seven boys.

“I was profoundly hurt and affected by my dad and brother being taken from me so soon. I didn’t see it coming. It was not how I envisioned life,” he disclosed in an interview.

“I thought they’d be there to meet my wife, my children, and to share experiences. That was just gone almost in the blink of an eye. Those scars remain.

I wanted children. I wanted back what was taken from me. I wanted to recreate that. I have been rewarded many times over,” he expressed.

The arrival of August into his family is another rewarding chapter for Diamont. Embracing his stepsons from a previous marriage to Rachel Braun, Lauren and Sasha, he considers them integral parts of his extended family.

“It was crucial for me that these guys understand that I was leaving their mother but I wasn’t leaving them. I will always be there for them. I’m here, and I’ll always be here,” affirmed Diamont.

Thrilled about the growth of his family with the addition of his first grandchild, Don Diamont, who works in daytime television, anticipates cherishing precious moments with his grandchild, emphasizing, “My wife and I, we’re homebodies. Working in daytime has allowed me to have a very normal, more or less 9-to-5 kind of a life.”