This Girl Became a Popular TV Host Who Suffered a Mini-Stroke While Taping Her Show & Married Her Husband Twice

This individual transitioned from a career in law to a successful television career.

Her breakthrough into stardom came with a reality show, solidifying her status as a household name.

She has the unique distinction of marrying her husband not once, but twice.

Having enjoyed a lengthy career both on and off the screen, this notable figure recently marked a birthday, though not without encountering a health scare during the production of her show.

Born to Ethel and Murray, both of Jewish heritage, in Brooklyn, New York, on October 12, 1942, this individual’s upbringing was marked by her mother’s role as an office manager and her father’s profession as a dentist.

Attending the prestigious James Madison High School, she graduated in 1960 before pursuing higher education at American University in Washington, D.C., where she earned her degree in 1963.

She furthered her studies at American University’s Washington College of Law, where she was the sole woman in a class of 126 students.

Earning her law degree from New York Law School in 1965, she initially worked as a corporate lawyer before transitioning to a career as a prosecutor in 1972.

In 1993, she gained widespread recognition following a feature in The Los Angeles Times and a subsequent appearance on “60 Minutes.” After 25 years on the bench, she retired from her judicial role in 1996, subsequently launching a reality TV show that propelled her to fame.

After attaining celebrity status, her agent proposed the idea of a courtroom television program, resulting in the creation of the renowned “Judge Judy” show, which debuted in September 1996 with Judy Sheindlin as the host.

Known for her straightforward approach on-screen, she encountered a health scare during the taping of “Judge Judy” in March 2011, disclosing that she suffered a mini-stroke. Despite this, the show continued for 25 years until 2021, with Sheindlin reportedly earning $47 million per season.

Launching a new court show titled “Judy Justice,” now in its second season, she continues to thrive in her career, recently celebrating her 81st birthday.

Married three times, her current spouse is Jerry Sheindlin, whom she first married in 1977 and remarried in 1991 after a brief divorce. Their enduring relationship began when they met at a bar, where Judy boldly confronted Jerry, leading to a lasting partnership of three decades.