This Girl Slept in the Underground Yet Became a Famous Actress Who, at 90, Is Happy with Her Younger Husband

This prominent figure experienced her formative years amidst the backdrop of war. However, the specific details leading to the conflict were hazy for her due to her tender age.

Despite the impact on her education, she emerged as one of the most iconic personalities in the entertainment industry.

Born on May 23, 1933, in London, England, this notable individual is the firstborn of Elsa, a former nightclub hostess, and Joseph, a talent agent.

The family, comprising British-born Elsa and South African Joseph, expanded with the arrivals of Jackie in 1937 and Bill in 1946, all against the tumultuous backdrop of World War II.

Throughout the war, the family sought refuge in Tube stations, joining fellow Londoners in hiding from the pervasive threat of German bombs.

Recollecting those challenging times in May 2020, she acknowledged being quite young when the war began, narrating how her father, obligated to stay in London for entertainment duties, while she and her siblings faced constant evacuations. She shared:

“But I was evacuated constantly… […] We were all over the place.”

The instability adversely affected her schooling, with the family constantly on the move. Despite the hardships, she considered herself fortunate to have her mother by her side, offering support during those trying times.

Frequently, she reminisced about nights spent sleeping in the underground, particularly at Marble Arch, recalling the convivial atmosphere where people would play accordions and sing.

The girl who spent nights in the underground during evacuations is none other than the English actress Joan Collins. Her breakthrough came with the 1981 drama series “Dynasty,” where she starred alongside Linda Evans.

In an October 2013 interview, Collins shared how her grandmother, who imparted singing, tap dancing, and splits skills, motivated her to pursue acting.

Despite her father’s initial discouragement, claiming she would lose relevance in the industry by age 23, Collins defied expectations and achieved enduring success.

While her professional career flourished, Collins’ romantic life faced challenges. She was previously engaged to actor Warren Beatty, with whom she became pregnant at 26. Despite contemplating an abortion initially, she later acknowledged Beatty’s advice, believing it was the right decision for their careers.

Collins went on to marry four times and is currently wedded to her fifth husband, actor Percy Gibson, since February 2002.

Describing Gibson as the most honorable man she’s ever met, Collins, now 90, reflected on their unexpected love story that began when she was in her 60s and he was in his 30s, emphasizing the enduring bond that surpasses the age difference.