This is how the “NCIS” actors look today!

The US crime series “NCIS” (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) has been in production since 2003 – and owes its resounding success to the outstanding performances of its actors. The NCIS team follows the trails of terrorists and solves intricate murder cases.

We’ll show you what has become of the actors:

Cote de Pablo
The Chilean-American actress has been involved in the film industry since her early childhood, but her big breakthrough came with the role of “Ziva David” in the NCIS series (2005-2013). Since her departure, however, there hasn’t been much news about the Chilean beauty – neither in her personal life nor professionally. What’s going on there?

Now, let’s continue with our Italian heartthrob:

Michael Weatherly

our heartthrob and Special Agent “Anthony DiNozzo,” was engaged to Hollywood beauty Jessica Alba in real life – for a whole 2 years. Apparently, he breaks hearts both on the television screen and in real life – because now he’s married for the second time. Since 2016, he has been appearing in the series “Bull,” but he hasn’t been able to replicate the success he had as “Tony.”

And now comes the man we’ve all been waiting for:

Mark Harmon

The actor made his first TV appearance in 1975, back then he charmed women with his dark mane. In the series, he convinces the audience as Supervisory Special Agent “Gibbs” and plays the unapproachable man known as the world’s best sniper. In real life, he has been married since 1987 and has nothing in common with the commitment-phobic “Gibbs.”

Sean Murray

Our TV sweetheart “Timothy McGee” is a long-standing presence in the series as a Special Agent, and as a talented hacker, he occasionally bends the rules. Before his series career, he appeared in the film “This Boy’s Life” alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

Continuing with our eccentric forensic specialist, who shares some parallels with her role:

Pauley Perrette

In real life, the actress also sports dark hair – in addition, she studied psychology and sociology, even completing her master’s degree in criminology. Since 2003, she has been “Abby Sciuto,” a computer scientist who solves many mysterious cases. Her eccentric personality and Gothic style quickly made her a favorite on TV. However, her departure is planned after the 15th season… hopefully not!

Lauren Holly

What a stunning beauty gracing the screen. Unfortunately, she wasn’t in the series for long, but we know her as the Director of NCIS, “Jenny Shepard,” who had an affair with “Gibbs.” Because of this, their collaboration wasn’t always easy, and viewers could enjoy their clashes. In the 5th season, she dies in a shootout – what a pity!

Moving on to our favorite medical examiner:

David McCallum

The medical examiner, “Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard,” always has stories to share, especially when he has a new body on his autopsy table. It helps him to talk to the deceased to build a connection and analyze their profile. With his knowledge, he assists the investigators and has a long-standing friendship with “Gibbs” to look back on.

Who’s missing then?

Rocky Carroll

As the successor to Director “Jenny,” he has been playing the role of “Leon James Vance” since 2007, often having some friction with the NCIS team. In addition to his role as director, he has also appeared in Grey’s Anatomy and Emergency Room.

And now comes an actress who was an absolute favorite in the series but unfortunately exited after a tragic death:

Sasha Alexander

In the early stages of her career, she had dark hair, but she has since joined the ranks of blondes. She achieved her breakthrough as “Caitlin Todd” in NCIS, where she and “Tony” entertained viewers with their flirtations. Since her departure from the series, she has played significant roles in various productions such as Rizzoli & Isles and Dr. House.