This is what Laura Ingalls from “Little House on the Prairie” looks like today

In the seventies, the Ingalls family made their debut with “Little House on the Prairie.” Especially daughter Laura won the hearts of the audience back then.

The story of the Ingalls family and the other residents of Walnut Grove captivated millions of viewers in the mid-seventies. For ten years, “Little House on the Prairie” attracted countless viewers in front of the television screens every Wednesday evening. The first episode aired in 1974, and the western series was taken off the air in 1984. Exactly 40 years ago today, the last episode aired.

Four decades have passed since the end of the series. The Ingalls family of yesteryear no longer exists. Some of them are no longer with us, while others have completely withdrawn from show business. Only the wild Laura continued to work as an actress even after the series ended and is still remembered by many today.

The role was played by Melissa Gilbert. She was only ten years old when she first appeared on camera for “Little House on the Prairie.” The middle daughter of Charles and Caroline Ingalls quickly became the favorite of television viewers.

Melissa Gilbert actually spent most of her childhood on the set. However, she did not tire of acting. No other actor appeared in as many episodes of the series as the girl with the dark long hair. Melissa Gilbert appeared in a total of 205 episodes.

“I think it’s so great that I get to grow old” Even after the series ended, the then 20-year-old continued to work. She starred in movies like “Family of Cops” with Paul Wendkos or “The Miracle Worker” with Hilary Duff. Melissa Gilbert is now 59 years old and no longer active as an actress. Her last film was five years ago. In 2019, she appeared in the drama “When We Last Spoke.”

However, Melissa Gilbert is still active on Instagram. There, she posts pictures almost daily with her more than 250,000 fans – from the past, from today, of her dogs, or sometimes of herself. She lets her followers be part of her life.

Melissa Gilbert will celebrate her 60th birthday in a few months. The actress had a problem with getting older for a long time. Today, she sees it differently. “Aging is not a disease. It’s time to celebrate it,” she recently said in an interview with the US magazine “People.” “I think it’s so great that I get to grow old.”