“This is what the stars of the ’90s cult series ‘Friends’ look like today.”

Between 1994 and 2004, the sitcom “Friends” was produced, and it was especially a huge stepping stone for Jennifer Aniston. But what happened to the other main cast members? STYLEBOOK takes a closer look at the group around Joey, Rachel, and the others.

In 1994, “Friends” first appeared on American screens and instantly made the young actors Jennifer Aniston (born in 1969), Courteney Cox (born in 1964), Lisa Kudrow (born in 1963), Matt LeBlanc (born in 1967), Matthew Perry (born in 1969), and David Schwimmer (born in 1966) famous. Even though it ended in 2004, the series hasn’t lost its cult status to this day. STYLEBOOK reveals how the series stars have changed since then.

Matt LeBlanc, aka “Joey Tribbiani”

Joey Tribbiani was the womanizer of the series, who actually managed to charm women with his cheap pickup line, “How you doin’?” – including Elle MacPherson, who had a guest appearance as a model in the sitcom. The handsome and aspiring soap opera star didn’t necessarily impress with intelligence, but he had a healthy dose of charm.

In terms of charm, the series heartthrob has not lost any of it. However, the big Hollywood breakthrough didn’t happen for him after “Friends.” Instead, since 2016, LeBlanc has been working as a presenter for the TV automotive show “Top Gear” and also plays the lead role in the ongoing US series “Man with a Plan.”

Jennifer Aniston, aka “Rachel Green”

She was THE star of the series: Jennifer Aniston, playing the role of waitress Rachel Green, won the hearts of many fans and became a 90s style icon thanks to her legendary (and named after her character in the series) haircut “The Rachel.” Interestingly, she later revealed that she actually hated the haircut.

Jennifer Aniston remained a prominent figure in the entertainment industry even after the conclusion of “Friends,” primarily taking on comedy roles (such as in “We’re the Millers” and “Along Came Polly”). In 2012, she even received a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Recently, she appeared in the Netflix production and crime-comedy film “Murder Mystery.” In her personal life, following her divorce from Brad Pitt, she briefly found happiness with fellow actor Justin Theroux, whom she married in 2015. However, they divorced just three years later.

Courteney Cox, aka “Monica Geller”

As the most well-known actress among the sextet, Courteney Cox was already recognized prior to the start of the series for her role in the US sitcom “Family Ties” alongside Michael J. Fox. In “Friends,” she portrayed the obsessive-compulsive Monica, who suffered from compulsive cleaning.

After “Friends,” the actress briefly fell into the beauty craze and was at times barely recognizable due to procedures like Botox. However, today, the overly artificial look has disappeared, and the 53-year-old hasn’t lost any of her beauty. Career-wise, Cox has remained active, appearing in various films like “Scream” and TV series, including starring in “Cougar Town.” However, her personal life took a different turn: in 2013, she divorced fellow actor David Arquette (“Scream”), and her engagement to musician Johnny McDaid, which was sealed in 2014, ended just a year later with a separation instead of a wedding.

Matthew Perry, aka “Chandler Bing”

Matthew Perry, known for playing Chandler Bing, was the on-screen husband of Courteney Cox. His role was that of a New York advertising executive who always had sarcastic remarks at the ready. After the end of “Friends,” Matthew Perry struggled to replicate his TV success.

Instead, the actor made headlines for his struggles with alcohol and prescription drug addiction. At times, Perry managed to get back on his feet and was seen in the 2017 series “The Kennedys: After Camelot,” alongside Katie Holmes. He has since become an advocate for raising awareness about drug and alcohol abuse, sharing his own experiences and insights on the topic.

Lisa Kudrow, aka “Phoebe Buffay”

Fans of the cult series remember masseuse and amateur musician Phoebe Buffay as quirky and lovable. She not only dabbled in auras and voices in her head but also carried her half-brother’s triplets and occasionally appeared as her own twin sister, Ursula Buffay. Interestingly, Lisa Kudrow simultaneously portrayed Ursula in the series “Mad About You.”

Since this dual role, Kudrow’s career has continued successfully with various television and film roles, including “The Girl on the Train.” In addition to receiving three Emmy nominations, she also received a Golden Globe nomination in 1996 and is involved in private efforts against bullying. She found happiness with French advertising executive Michel Stern back in 1995 and has a son with him.

David Schwimmer, aka “Ross Geller”

David Schwimmer became known for his role as Dr. Ross Geller, Monica’s brother and the somewhat awkward, perpetually in-love character with Rachel. Since his success on the series, he has appeared in various TV shows and movies and eventually discovered his passion for working as a director behind the camera.

In addition, Schwimmer regularly works in the theater. In 2010, he married British photographer Zoe Buckman, who is ten years his junior, and their daughter Cleo was born a year later. He has managed to stay relatively out of the gossip columns, and his Instagram account remains somewhat inactive.