This Stuttering Boy First Saw a Toilet Flush at 5 — At 66, He’s a Millionaire TV Host & Devoted Family Man

Hailing from a humble background, this young boy harbored ambitious aspirations that he steadfastly believed in.

Despite encountering numerous obstacles along the way, he remained resolute in his pursuit of his dreams, ultimately achieving remarkable success.

Today, this once impoverished African-American boy stands as a renowned comedian, esteemed TV host, accomplished author, and thriving businessman.

From an early age, he harbored a deep-seated desire to grace the television screen, steadfastly adhering to the belief that his dreams would one day materialize. This conviction remained unwavering, even as he grappled with a stutter.

Born on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia, to parents Jesse and Eloise Vera Harvey, he spent his formative years in Cleveland, Ohio, a place that holds a special significance in his heart.

His journey to success was fraught with challenges, yet he remained undeterred in his pursuit. At the tender age of ten, he penned a solemn pledge to himself: that one day, he would grace the television screen. It wasn’t until the age of 38 that he realized this dream. Today, he stands as a New York Times best-selling author, Emmy Award-winning entertainer, successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and esteemed radio personality.

Despite being born into meager circumstances, with a father working as a coal miner earning just $5 a day, and experiencing homelessness, he refused to let his circumstances define his destiny. His unwavering faith and determination propelled him to great heights.

Raised in poverty, he didn’t encounter modern conveniences, such as a flush toilet, until the age of five. Yet, in the face of adversity, he persevered, making a solemn vow to express gratitude to God if he ever found success. Today, he fulfills this promise by sharing his appreciation with his audience at the conclusion of each show.

His journey was marked by moments of despair, including a period of homelessness where he found himself washing up in a hotel restroom, grappling with the realization of his dire circumstances.

Guided by his mother’s teachings on faith and the importance of presentation, he emerged as an inspiration to others grappling with speech impediments. Despite his own struggles with stuttering, he now serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging others to seek treatment and embrace the possibility of leading fulfilling lives.

From his humble beginnings as a stuttering boy enduring homelessness, he has transcended adversity to become a celebrated millionaire, a testament to the transformative power of determination and resilience.

The inspiring tale of rising from adversity to prosperity belongs to none other than Steve Harvey. Steve’s journey into comedy commenced at an open mic night in 1985, where his performance captivated the audience. Spurred by this success, he made the bold decision to pursue comedy full-time, leading to the dissolution of his marriage and leaving him jobless, surviving on as little as $50 a week.

Despite his passion for comedy, Steve didn’t break into the professional circuit until the age of 27. Enduring homelessness from 30 to 33, living out of his car, he persevered, using his experiences to motivate others never to abandon their dreams.

The car he called home was a hand-me-down from his father, a symbol of his humble beginnings. It wasn’t until the age of 38, with his breakthrough into television, that he was able to afford a car of his own. Reflecting on his journey, Steve marvels at the immense success he has achieved, far surpassing his wildest dreams.

Amidst the struggles, Steve contemplated giving up, hitting rock bottom in a hotel washroom. Yet, a divine voice urged him to press on, assuring him of uncharted territories ahead. Following this pivotal moment, opportunities began to unfold, propelling him to national acclaim with a win in a comedy competition in 1990, leading to high-profile appearances on “Showtime at the Apollo” and eventually landing sitcom roles.

Since then, Steve’s career has soared, cementing his status as a television icon with his own show, earning him the moniker of Hollywood’s busiest man. On the personal front, he found enduring love with Marjorie Harvey, whom he first encountered in 1987. Despite an initial disconnect, fate reunited them years later, culminating in marriage in 2007.

Celebrating their 15th anniversary, Steve poured out his heart, acknowledging Marjorie’s profound impact on his life. Their union has blossomed into a loving family of seven children and seven grandchildren, with Steve cherishing every moment spent with them.

Today, Steve’s proudest achievement lies not in his professional accolades but in the love and joy he shares with his beloved family. With Marjorie by his side, he has cultivated a home filled with warmth and happiness, a testament to the power of love and resilience.