This Woman Won a Huge Star’s Heart — Carrying His Baby, She Begged Him Not to Take the Plane That Would Crash Hours Later

For nearly 66 years, she shared her life with a legendary star, and their unconventional marriage was a source of pride. Yet, one defining moment stood out – a moment of intuition that saved her husband’s life.

The couple co-authored the book “Kirk and Anne: Love Letters of Love, Laughter, and a Lifetime in Hollywood,” a poignant collection published in 2017, just three years before the iconic star’s passing.

Their story began on the set of “Act of Love” in Paris, where she worked as a film publicist. The iconic star’s first attempt to invite her to dinner was met with a decline, a moment he humorously described as “terrible.” However, her recollection differed, emphasizing her suitability for the role due to her language skills.

Despite the initial rejection, he eventually hired her, and their relationship remained professional. The star’s decision to cease his courting efforts marked a turning point, prompting him to listen and appreciate her expertise.

As their professional connection deepened, so did their personal bond. A memorable event at a charity gala showcased the star’s playful side, jumping into a fray and scooping elephant dung in a tuxedo. This unexpected and humorous gesture won her over.

Their official dating began in 1954, despite her initial reluctance to date someone financially reliant on Hollywood allowances. The actor, previously engaged to Pier Angeli, navigated these complexities. The relationship weathered moments of tension, with Douglas revealing he was still engaged.

However, secrets were not the foundation Buydens sought. Douglas acknowledged the profound nature of their connection, realizing he would be “lost without her.”

Ultimately, he broke off his engagement with Angeli, and in May 1954, Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens embarked on their enduring journey of marriage.

Their unconventional path included Douglas openly admitting to infidelities. Buydens, embracing a European perspective, understood the complexity of fidelity. In her co-written book, she candidly shared her acceptance of his dalliances, recognizing the unrealistic expectation of total fidelity in marriage.

Their story took a darker turn when Buydens faced a troubling encounter with a former lover in Paris. Threats, intoxication, and self-harm ensued, yet she courageously sought help, sealing her commitment to the marriage.

In recounting the incident to her husband, Douglas reassured her with a promise: “I will keep you safe.” Sixty-six years later, he fulfilled that promise until the end.

While Buydens took a break from work to care for their children, Douglas’ bustling movie star life often kept them apart for extended periods. To bridge the gap, the couple exchanged letters detailing their days and emotions during their time apart.

Originally intended to be a compilation of letters Douglas received from notable figures like Barack Obama and Frank Sinatra, the book “Kirk and Anne: Letters of Love, Laughter, and a Lifetime in Hollywood” took a different turn.

Buydens presented a box containing their exchanged letters, leading the book to focus on their own love story.

The book also recounts a significant moment when Buydens’ intuition played a crucial role in saving Douglas’ life.

Close friends with director Mike Todd, Douglas was set to present Todd with an honorary award in New York. Todd suggested a private plane trip with a stop in Missouri to visit Harry Truman.

Excited about the trip, Douglas shared the plan with his wife, who, six months pregnant with their second child, immediately forbade him to go.

Despite an argument, Buydens insisted he take a commercial flight instead of joining Todd’s plane. The next day, news of Todd’s plane crash in New Mexico, which claimed all lives on board, left Douglas in shock.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Douglas turned to Buydens in gratitude, acknowledging that her intuition had saved his life. The disagreement transformed into a moment of deep appreciation for her instincts.