Through Thick and Thin: Delta Burke’s Husband’s Unwavering Support for 34 Years

A strong marriage can withstand any challenge.

In today’s world, marital vows are sometimes taken for granted, but Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney are a testament to their enduring commitment over three decades. Let’s delve into the various trials and triumphs this couple has faced.

When Gerald McRaney first met actress Delta Burke, he felt compelled to ask her out. Despite knowing he had competition due to her popularity, McRaney was determined not to let her slip away. Their connection was instant, and on their second date, he proposed. Although they officially tied the knot two years later in 1989, McRaney was thrilled to have won the heart of his dream girl.

While Burke was entering her first marriage, McRaney had been married twice before. However, he was resolute in making this union last. Despite skepticism from some of McRaney’s friends, who warned him against it, he stood firm in his commitment. Both being in the entertainment industry, they understood each other’s challenges and offered unwavering support and guidance.

They celebrated each other’s successes, with Burke cheering on McRaney when he won a Primetime Emmy award for his performance in “This Is Us.” McRaney values Burke’s opinion above all others, particularly regarding his acting career.

In 1998, their marriage faced a significant test when Burke experienced personal losses and health struggles. Dealing with the loss of her grandmother, her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis, and her own battle with weight gain due to hypoglycemia, Burke endured a challenging period. Despite misdiagnoses and ineffective treatments, she eventually learned she had type 2 diabetes. Throughout this ordeal, McRaney stood by her side, providing unwavering support and care, even assisting with her insulin shots.

Burke acknowledges McRaney’s unwavering love and support during her lowest moments, crediting him for helping her navigate her health challenges. Despite the difficulties, the couple remains committed to each other’s well-being and continues to prioritize their health together. Burke is now in a better place health-wise and has no plans to return to acting, although McRaney remains open to the possibility of working together again.

While they have no children together, they’ve dedicated their lives to raising McRaney’s three children from his previous marriages. As they plan to move to central Florida, their bond remains strong, a testament to the enduring power of love and commitment in marriage.