Time’s Unstoppable March: Children Growing Into Adults, Forever in Our Hearts

Julia Roberts’ twins have turned 18, and the mother of three celebrated their birthday by sharing a rare photo on her Instagram account. The photo showed Hazel and Phinnaeus “Finn” Moder as babies in the kitchen with their mother. The children’s faces were not visible in the image, and Julia revealed that her children had turned 18 in the caption. Julia Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder, welcomed their twins in 2004.

During a 2019 interview, Julia Roberts discussed her family and her role as a mother. She mentioned being cautious about exposing her children to certain aspects of the modern world, such as social media, to protect them from unnecessary pressures. The actress and her husband have taken measures to shield their children from the negative effects of technology, aiming to provide a nurturing environment for their kids.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have made occasional exceptions to their preference for keeping their children off social media, sharing glimpses of their family on special occasions, including anniversaries. Despite their dedication to maintaining privacy, they have provided glimpses of their family life on rare occasions.

The family’s recent move to northern California and their ability to navigate the challenges of relocating three teenagers amid the COVID-19 pandemic reflect their commitment to their children’s well-being. Julia Roberts expressed her excitement about her twins going to college in the fall, a significant milestone in their lives.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have worked together to ensure their children grow up in a supportive and diverse environment. While they value their family’s privacy, they occasionally share moments with their fans on social media to celebrate important events.