Tom Selleck fears he may lose his beloved ranch after the end of ‘Blue Bloods’

It seems like Tom Selleck has conquered nearly everything the entertainment industry has to offer, and with his extensive and prosperous career, one might assume he’s financially secure for life if he were to retire from acting tomorrow.

However, despite his wealth and success, there’s one particular asset that may pose a challenge to his finances in the future – and it’s one he’s deeply attached to.

During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Selleck made a surprising revelation, expressing concerns about potentially losing his renowned ranch following the announcement of Blue Bloods’ cancellation after 14 seasons.

Fans of the show are familiar with Selleck’s central role as NYPD boss Frank Reagan throughout its entire run. As the highest-paid member of the cast, earning a hefty $200,000 per episode, and serving as one of the executive producers, the series has been a significant source of income for the 79-year-old actor.

However, with the show coming to an end, Selleck faces the prospect of parting ways with his beloved 63-acre ranch in California. During the CBS interview, he expressed hope of finding new acting opportunities to maintain ownership of the property.

Despite his interviewer’s skepticism, Selleck affirmed his seriousness, acknowledging the ongoing need for financial stability even at his level of fame and success.

He emphasized the distinction between comfortably covering living expenses and affording the upkeep of his expansive ranch, which was formerly an avocado farm and requires substantial maintenance costs.

In essence, Selleck is preparing to reenter the market in pursuit of his next significant role, signaling that retirement is not on his agenda despite previous rumors suggesting otherwise.

Contrary to reports from a few years ago indicating his fatigue with the industry, Selleck remains committed to his craft, with plenty of projects to occupy his time outside of Blue Bloods.