Users Say Brad Pitt’s New Partner Is Angelina Jolie’s Twin: What Do the Two Women Have in Common?

Brad Pitt’s romance with Ines de Ramon has become a topic of public discussion, drawing comparisons to his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. Online users have highlighted shared traits between the two women, and despite being distinct individuals, the comparisons persist in online conversations.

Currently, Brad Pitt is dating Ines de Ramon. The actor, known for his marriages to Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, has attracted attention for his relationship with de Ramon, leading to online discussions where the public draws parallels between the current woman in Pitt’s life and Jolie. Pitt and de Ramon have been seen together in various public outings.

In November 2022, the couple was photographed backstage at a Bono concert at Los Angeles’ Orpheum Theatre, and in December 2022, Pitt brought de Ramon to the Los Angeles premiere of his film “Babylon.”

Their public appearances continued, with vacation photos from a Cabo trip in January 2023, showcasing the couple sunbathing by the pool.

The couple’s presence was also noted at LACMA’s 12th annual Art+Film Gala in Los Angeles in November 2023, where they were described as “super loving” and appeared to be enjoying themselves.

Their romantic journey extended to December 2023, celebrating Pitt’s 60th birthday with a getaway to Paris, staying at the luxurious Bulgari Hotel.

Online users have remarked on the physical similarities between de Ramon and Jolie, speculating on Pitt’s choice of a partner who resembles his ex-wife.

Despite varying opinions, some users noted resemblances in appearance and questioned the actor’s tendency to date women with similar features. Others disagreed, emphasizing the differences between de Ramon and Jolie.

It’s worth noting that Jolie, an acclaimed actress and director, met Pitt when she was 28 on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” in 2003. In contrast, de Ramon was linked to Pitt around the age of 30 in 2022, following her separation from “Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley.

De Ramon, a jewelry designer and Vice President of Anita Ko Jewelry, is not part of the acting industry like Jolie. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Geneva.

On the other hand, Jolie, apart from her acting career, is renowned for her humanitarian work and international charity projects.

While de Ramon maintains a private Instagram page with a modest following, Jolie’s Instagram presence is public and extensively documents her multifaceted life, including her work, advocacy, and parenting six children shared with Pitt.

In 2023, speculation arose when de Ramon was seen wearing a necklace with a “B” charm, prompting discussions about its significance in relation to Pitt.

Similarly, Jolie’s new tattoo on her middle fingers stirred curiosity, but the tattoo artist clarified that it had no connection to Pitt.

Both Jolie and de Ramon are multilingual, with de Ramon speaking French, Italian, Spanish, English, and German.

She has French roots on her mother’s side, and her children are raised to speak multiple languages. The shared linguistic capabilities further contribute to the comparisons between the two women.

In essence, the discussions surrounding Brad Pitt’s relationship with Ines de Ramon have been fueled by the perceived parallels to Angelina Jolie, encompassing various aspects such as physical appearance, relationships, language skills, and public presence.