Who is this actor, who was living with $150 a month, and now has a farm with his family

The actor, a luminary in the film industry, garnered a Golden Globe for his role in an HBO project. Prior to his foray into television, he refrained from watching any of his own performances.

During an interview, he shared his initial reluctance towards television work, stating, “If my agent had called me and said, ‘I think you should do a series,’ I would have fired my agent…” However, a change of heart was brought about by his actress wife, who influenced him positively.

He expressed the joy of spending time with her on the set they both worked on and attending award ceremonies together.

Reflecting on his perception of acting, he credited his wife, Meryl Streep, for inspiring him. He admired her ability to portray distinct characters and transform into different personas, a quality he always envisioned as an actor.

The actor in question is the renowned and charismatic 65-year-old Kevin Bacon. Despite past struggles, he now relishes his time with his wife.

In a recent interview with Kelly Clarkson, Bacon delved into his earlier years. In 1976, he relocated from Philadelphia to New York, where he initially stayed with his sister. When he found his own place, he had a mere $150 to his name for a month.

Describing his living conditions, he revealed, “I saw an ad on the back of The Village Voice, and it said, ‘Artists, actors, musicians, residents.’…It was basically a flophouse, really…” For four years, he shared an office space with a pianist, unable to afford an apartment.

Overcoming these challenges, he emerged as a successful actor and transformed his life, ultimately marrying his wife of 35 years, Kyra Sedgwick.

Their love story began in 1987 on the set of the movie “Lemon Sky.” While Bacon fell head over heels for Sedgwick, her feelings took a bit longer to develop. After some pursuit, their first date marked the beginning of a lasting connection.

Sedgwick recounted their enjoyable romantic dinner and laughter-filled hours, realizing that Bacon was meant for her.

As they navigated their journey together, they became each other’s biggest supporters and fans. Sedgwick emphasized the importance of a sense of humor in their relationship, praising Bacon’s comedic prowess.

The couple, proud parents of two grown-up children, Travis and Sosie, has prioritized family values in their home. Bacon expressed his commitment to raising their children with honesty, integrity, and a sense of responsibility towards the world and each other.