Widower Liam Neeson beams with messy gray hair near son & his girlfriend – at 70 he’s a supportive dad.

Liam Neeson, seldom seen, now sports gray hair at 70 as he enjoys moments with his son and his girlfriend.

The actor from “Schindler’s List” single-handedly raised his two sons after becoming a widower.

His younger son Daniel didn’t choose his father’s career path, but Neeson remains supportive.

Liam Neeson and his wife, Natasha Richardson, shared a beautiful marriage and had two sons together before tragedy struck.

Neeson took on the responsibility of raising their sons after Richardson passed away, with the support of his mother-in-law. At 70, he continues to be a loving and supportive father, never remarrying despite his sons finding love.

The couple was raising their sons, Michael and Daniel, together when Richardson died tragically at 45. The incident occurred during a skiing trip in Quebec, Canada, in March 2009.

Following Richardson’s fatal fall on the slopes of Mont Tremblant, Neeson rushed to her side upon receiving the distressing call. Despite initial reassurances, Richardson’s condition quickly deteriorated due to a severe brain injury.

Despite the heartbreaking loss, Neeson respected Richardson’s wishes to donate her organs, saving the lives of three individuals.

While Michael pursued acting like his father, Daniel chose a different path, inspired by his late mother’s encouragement to follow his passions.

Now 27, Daniel embarked on a career in eco-friendly fashion design, driven by his concern for the environment since childhood.

Daniel’s commitment to sustainability led to the creation of Pine Outfitters, a clothing line that plants a tree for every sale made, in collaboration with the National Forest Foundation.

Despite his busy schedule, Daniel found love with Natalie Ackerman, who shares his values and works in marketing. They met during their sophomore year at Tulane University.

With his father’s support, Daniel aims to expand his business while prioritizing environmental stewardship over profit.

Neeson cherishes time spent with his sons, and now, with Daniel’s girlfriend Natalie often joining their gatherings. Recently, Daniel shared a photo of the family, including Neeson, with tousled hair and a smile, prompting warm responses from fans praising the family’s bond and wishing them well.