With a swollen face and in casual clothes!: This is what Adele looks like when she thinks no one is watching her

Fans express disappointment as paparazzi seize an unexpected moment to capture Adele in casual attire and without makeup!

The iconic and talented singer, who underwent a transformation, drawing public attention, has been a consistent target for paparazzi since her significant weight loss.

Having refrained from performing on stage for three years due to a painful divorce, Adele’s mental health has been affected, and discussions about the topic still bring tears to her eyes.

A recent public appearance in an all-black ensemble stirred up reactions among fans.

Photographers eagerly captured the singer’s casual appearance and somewhat puffy face, sparking discussions and comments such as, “Has she gained weight again?” and “Not just a talented singer, but also a devoted mother and compassionate woman!” Some even remarked on the funeral-like vibe of her look.