40 Years After ‘Blue Lagoon’: A Look at the Actors’ Transformations

The romantic story of young people on a desert island marked the beginning of Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins’ careers. During the filming, Brooke was merely 14 years old.

Brooke’s remarkable beauty and perfect figure foreshadowed the success of the film, and it indeed materialized. Following the release of “Blue Lagoon,” Brooke was acclaimed as the most beautiful young actress.

Fast forward to the present, she is a seasoned, celebrated actress with 40 years of experience in the industry. Brooke has even become a mother of two children while maintaining her impeccable figure.

As for Christopher Atkins, he is now 62 years old and has transitioned into a prosperous producer and screenwriter. His role in “Blue Lagoon” even earned him a Golden Globe nomination in 1980.

Atkins has also made appearances in several TV series and famously posed for Playgirl. Today, he has ventured into entrepreneurship, owning a pool installation company and a sports store.