Helen Mirren’s Bikini Shot Was Taken by the Paparazzi

Dame Helen Mirren explained the story behind the viral photo of her posing in a red bikini with white trim in 2008. During a vacation with her husband, Taylor Hackford, on an Italian beach, they traversed rough terrain, including cacti, to reach a secluded swimming spot. After Mirren posed for her husband’s photo, she saw a flash in the distance and quickly dropped to the rocks to avoid being photographed by what she thought was a paparazzo hiding behind the cacti.

Although her husband initially thought she was being paranoid, a few days later, a photo of Mirren in her bikini became viral after being uploaded by a tabloid. Years later, Mirren spoke about the incident on “Ellen,” describing the shot as “pure luck.” She joked about wishing she looked like that in real life.

Mirren clarified that she had been on a public beach with hundreds of people in France a week before the photo was taken, but no one had taken her picture then. When asked about the photo in 2019, Mirren reiterated that she had posed for her husband, trying to look good.

The image continues to inspire admiration, with many expressing their appreciation for Mirren’s appearance in her mid-sixties. Despite her reluctance to monetize the photo and her acknowledgment of aging, Mirren remains a symbol of grace and beauty, challenging conventional standards of aging and embracing her own rules.