Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner’s Daughter, 15, Dyes Hair Pink Days after Getting Buzz Cut: Debated Pics

Seraphina Affleck’s recent transformation to pink hair has sparked lively discussions online. After revealing her initially non-dyed buzz cut a few days ago, people shared a variety of comments about her new look.

The 15-year-old daughter of former Hollywood couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner debuted a pink buzz cut during a family outing in West Hollywood over the weekend. Seraphina, accompanied by her father and Jennifer Lopez’s daughter, Emme Muniz, was spotted visiting a thrift store, leaving with bags after their shopping adventure.

Seraphina wore a flannel shirt, T-shirt, and Adidas sneakers, while Emme opted for shorts, a baggy hoodie, and Converse sneakers.

Social media responses to Seraphina’s new hairstyle varied. Some comments focused on her resemblance to her father, with observations like, “Wow, she looks like her dad” and expressions of beauty. Others expressed concerns about youth trends, stating, “They are destroying the youth in society today. Unfortunately, the parents are allowing it to happen.”

On a positive note, some comments celebrated her exploration, saying, “Totally normal youth behavior. Just deal,” and “I love her hair!”

The reactions also included personal anecdotes, with individuals sharing their or their children’s experiences during adolescence, highlighting the diverse ways young people express themselves. One person mentioned, “My daughter dressed like a Tomboy at that age, and so did I.”

The response to Seraphina Affleck’s hair reflects broader societal conversations about youth, self-expression, and individuality. Through this family outing, the public discourse explores the complexities of parental guidance and societal expectations.

As reported on February 9:

Photographed while waiting for her school bus with her mom, the 15-year-old daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Seraphina Affleck, displayed an edgy buzz cut. The buzz cut follows her previous bob hairstyle from late last year, showcasing her evolving look.

The public response to Seraphina’s appearance has been diverse. Some noted her resemblance to her father, stating, “She looks like her dad with that shaved hair” and expressing sadness about the change. Others praised her buzz cut, commenting, “It looks so cute on her!! So many women shave their heads in fashion,” and “Very adorable 💜.”

Despite gaining online attention, Seraphina does not have a social media account, a decision previously discussed by her mom, Jennifer Garner. Garner shared her conversation with her children about social media, emphasizing the challenges of being an adolescent.

While Garner’s eldest daughter appreciates the decision to keep them off social media, Ben Affleck has also acknowledged the difficulties of his children growing older and being exposed to the internet.