A Love That Endures: Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan’s 35-Year Journey Through Thick and Thin

Michael J. Fox and his wife are celebrating 35 years together. The couple, who tied the knot in 1988, have been in love for more than three decades.

Fox credits his wife, Tracy Pollan, with saving his life. He decided to make significant lifestyle changes when he witnessed the impact of his alcohol addiction on Pollan’s well-being.

The actor recently released a documentary about his life, and fans who have watched it express sympathy for Fox and his ongoing battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan exchanged vows in 1988, and their enduring love has spanned over three decades. Throughout their journey together, the couple has raised four children: Sam (33), Schuyler (28), Aquinnah (28), and Esmé (21).

Fox stated that the three decades of his marriage to his wife have been “the best 35 years of [his] life.” According to him, Pollan has been the foundation of their happy marriage, and he would “be dead” without her.

The “Teen Wolf” star emphasized the success of his marriage to Pollan, attributing it to their ability to give each other space to make mistakes. He urged couples not to misinterpret slights, emphasizing that their beautiful marriage is a result of their collaboration.

Before meeting Pollan, Fox was facing challenges, having recently moved to the US. However, as the movie star achieved success and fame, he crossed paths with Pollan while filming “Family Ties” at the peak of his career:

“There’s a scene in the film where I am kind of a bit of a jerk, which I’m happy they showed. Tracy kind of steered me in the right direction. And then we got married.”

Throughout the years, the couple has encountered challenging times, but their deep love for each other has guided them through the darkest hours.

Fox recently celebrated Pollan’s birthday with a heartfelt post on Instagram. The actor shared a picture of his wife in a stunning black gown, accompanied by the caption, “She showers the people she loves with love, She shows them the way that she feels.”

Acknowledging that he now lives one day at a time due to his health condition, Fox admitted that his condition was taking a significant toll on him. Alongside the birthday wishes, he posted pictures of Pollan, himself, and their children, capturing sweet and laid-back moments. Fox expressed his love for Pollan with the caption:

“Happy happy birthday, @tracy.pollan, my forever Summer girl, my love, my best friend, and the most beautiful amazing mom to our four stupendous kids. Love, love, love you. 🌻🎂☀️ ❤️.”

Pollan responded to Fox’s post with affection, saying, “Love this and love you!!!! 😍😍😍.” Fox, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, shared that his wife has upheld the vow of being with him “in sickness and in health” for over three decades.

The “Back to the Future” star received his Parkinson’s diagnosis three years into their marriage, and he appreciates that his family never let his illness impact their daily lives. However, accepting his illness was a gradual process.

Fox also disclosed that after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he turned to drinking as a way to escape reality. Nevertheless, Pollan didn’t allow him to dwell in self-pity. She would confront the actor, asking, “Is this what you’re looking for? Do you want to be like this?”

Fox was so terrified that he left home to pursue film roles in different parts of the world, avoiding facing the reality at home. During this time, he didn’t want to confront the challenges in his personal life.

Eventually, Fox took a bold step to seek help when he noticed Pollan struggling to keep the family together as he battled alcoholism. The actor made the decision to return home to his wife, who had recently given birth to their twin daughters.

Upon reuniting with Pollan, Fox shared that he became the person most in love in the marriage, a sentiment that still holds true.

As Fox battles Parkinson’s disease, fans have sympathized with him. Since his diagnosis in 1991, he has suffered numerous injuries, including breaking his shoulder and having it replaced due to a loss of balance. He also experienced injuries to his elbow, hand, face, and humerus, along with an infection that nearly cost him a finger. Fox mentioned that due to Parkinson’s disease, he often falls, trips over things, and breaks things.

The 62-year-old actor highlighted that the condition not only affected him physically but also impacted his relationships and mental health. Fox shared about the losses he experienced, including family members and his dog, and acknowledged the signs of what he hesitated to term as depression.

Now living one day at a time, Fox admitted that his condition is taking a significant toll on him. Despite acknowledging that he may not triumph over it, he sees value in the losses and the lessons gained from his journey with Parkinson’s disease.

Fox opened up about his condition and battle with alcoholism in his documentary “Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie.” The documentary showcases Fox’s successful acting career. It also gives viewers a door into his pursuit of sobriety, battle with Parkinson’s disease, and his incredible and determined spirit that keeps him going despite all these challenges.

Following its release, fans sympathized with the actor. A fan who has watched the documentary said:

“Watched Michael J Fox Still and it made me cry. What hit me the most was when they go back showing old footage of him acting with Parkinson’s, and you notice him trying to hide it.”

Another fan noted that the documentary should teach people, especially men, to go for regular checkups because being healthy doesn’t equal exemption to disease:

“Just watched the Michael J. Fox talk about his Parkinson, and boy, did I not cry my heart out seeing him in that state.”

A fan said Fox’s documentary was “a try not to cry challenge,” while another commented, “I so feel sorry for Michael J Fox.” Another fan added, “Watching Michael J Fox makes me laugh, cry, and mainly strive to be a better person #stilldreamy.”

The “Casualties of War” star celebrated his 62nd birthday on June 9, 2023. His wife Pollan shared a cute picture of the two of them and captioned it, “Happy birthday, handsome! Could not love you more ❤️‍🔥let’s celebrate 🎉.

Fox is happy to be surrounded by love, family, and friends. Even as fans feel sorry for him, he said he loves each day that he is alive. The actor, who has lived with Parkinson’s disease for over 30 years, now lives for each moment.