Mariska Hargitay Shows Rarely-Seen Son at 17 & Fans Are Divided over Whether He’s a Copy of Mom or Dad

Hollywood star Mariska Hargitay was recently spotted with her seldom-seen teenage son, whom she shares with her husband, Peter Hermann. Social media users who caught a glimpse of the duo are divided on whether the 17-year-old takes after his mother or father.

Mariska Hargitay, the renowned actress aged 59, recently shared a photo on Instagram featuring herself and her 17-year-old son during a Safari trip in Kenya. In the image, the doting mother sat in the front passenger seat of a four-by-four vehicle, sporting Safari attire complete with shades, a hat, and a khaki top. Her handsome teenage son sat behind her, flashing a bright smile for the camera.

Upon seeing the image, many couldn’t help but notice and comment on the striking “resemblance” August Miklos Friedrich Hermann shares with his parents. The picture sparked mixed reactions among observers, with some noting August’s resemblance to his mother and others insisting he takes after his father, Peter Hermann.

In response to the photo of Mariska and August, one admirer exclaimed, “You really said copy and paste with August’s face!” Another observer remarked about August and his father, saying, “August really just went and took Peter’s entire face. ❤️”

Mariska and Peter welcomed their firstborn son in 2006, on June 28, at 3:21 p.m. The dark-haired teenager has always shared a close bond with his mother. Mariska, known for her role in “Law & Order: SVU,” recalls how she used to take August everywhere when he was just a baby, even traveling with him on planes as early as six weeks old.

The actress fondly remembers a flight where August, already mobile and curious, couldn’t resist exploring the plane despite needing to remain seated. Mariska humorously explained, “He’s such a curious and social little guy. I think he was going stir crazy sitting in a chair…”

In addition to his curiosity and adventurous spirit, August is also a devoted big brother to his younger siblings, Amaya Josephine Hermann and Andrew Nicolas Hermann. When Amaya was adopted, August affectionately referred to her as “his baby” and vowed to protect her. According to Mariska, August even believed that his wishes for younger siblings came true when both Amaya and Andrew were successfully adopted.

Mariska concludes by joking that after the successful adoptions of Amaya and Andrew, August felt incredibly powerful, as his desires for younger siblings had come to fruition.