Candace Cameron Bure and family slammed for their wedding etiquette – actress responds back

Candace Cameron Bure captured the hearts of millions worldwide at the tender age of 10, and her star has only continued to rise since then.

In recent years, the Full House actress has embraced her faith and become a prominent figure on social media, often sharing glimpses of her family life with her followers. However, a recent photo she posted from a wedding sparked quite the debate among her fans.

In the picture, Candace, along with her daughter Natasha, donned striking red dresses, while her husband Valeri Bure and younger son Lev looked dapper in suits. Notably, wearing red to a wedding is not a common choice, prompting some users to voice their opinions.

One commenter expressed the view that red steals the spotlight from the bride, to which Candace responded with a witty remark about the style norms in Los Angeles.

Another user echoed similar sentiments about the color choice, to which Candace defended the decision, citing the freedom of expression in LA fashion.

Criticism also extended to her husband and son’s attire, particularly the absence of socks with their suits. Candace pushed back against these remarks, emphasizing that fashion is subjective and not everyone shares the same tastes.

However, the barrage of negative comments took its toll on the actress, prompting her to issue a stern reminder about manners and respectful discourse on social media. In a follow-up note, she urged detractors to refrain from dampening the joy of sharing moments online for everyone.