‘Charlie’s Angels’ Star Jaclyn Smith Poses with Granddaughter Named after Her – Their Resemblance Amazes Fans

Recently, Jaclyn Smith, the star of “Charlie’s Angels,” took to Instagram to share an adorable picture featuring herself, her granddaughter Wren Jaclyn Richmond, and her son Gaston Richmond (Wren’s dad).

The family photo, taken during Jaclyn’s visit to her son’s house in the first week of January, captures the resemblance between the baby, named after her grandmother, and Jaclyn herself.

Fans were quick to point out the striking similarities, with comments like “She looks like you! 😍❤️” and “I can see her grandmother in her features! So cute!” Many agreed that Wren truly resembles her grandma.

Last year, on April 25, when baby Wren was born, Jaclyn shared a heartfelt video that documented the day Bonnie Lane, Wren’s mom, went into labor.

The footage included still snapshots taken after the delivery, culminating in an image of “The Bourne Identity” star holding her granddaughter.

However, Wren is not the only grandchild close to Jaclyn’s heart. The 78-year-old actress has previously expressed the special bond she shares with her other grandchildren, Bea and Olivia, who she mentions “visit” her “all the time.”

Apart from sharing the enjoyable activities her granddaughters indulge in, such as tea parties, Jaclyn Smith emphasizes the significance of living in the moment as a grandparent. She underscores the essential role of generations in a child’s life, drawing from her own close relationship with her grandfather.