Cher’s Son, Elijah Blue Allman, Has His Divorce Dismissal Request Denied amid Substance Abuse Issues

Elijah Blue Allman’s request for the dismissal of his divorce has been denied, with the backdrop of substance abuse issues. The son of music icon Cher initially filed for divorce in 2021.

Recent developments reveal that a divorce dismissal request from one of Cher’s sons has been turned down. This decision coincides with Elijah Blue Allman’s ongoing conservatorship challenge with his mother.

Cher’s conservatorship filing is rooted in concerns about her son’s inability to adequately care for himself or manage his finances responsibly. Prior to the dismissal attempt, Elijah had initially filed for divorce from his wife of eight years, Marieangela King, three years ago in November.

At the start of this month, Elijah sought a divorce dismissal, even though Marieangela claimed not to have seen him since the previous April. She asserted that they had agreed to address their marital issues, but Cher’s interference hindered their attempts to reconcile. According to Marieangela, the “Strong Enough” singer continued to influence Elijah’s “health management, location, and accessibility.”

Elijah’s estranged wife requested payment for legal fees, ongoing spousal support, and an outstanding $40,000, citing Allman’s perceived lack of effort in reconciliation.

The rejection of Cher’s son’s divorce dismissal comes shortly after a judge denied the music legend’s conservatorship petition on January 5. Another hearing on the conservator matter is scheduled for January 29.

In her filing from December of the previous year, Cher emphasized concerns about Elijah’s substance abuse, stating that any funds allocated to him would be immediately spent on drugs, jeopardizing his life. She disclosed that Elijah earns $120,000 annually and has ongoing access to funds from the trust established by his late father, Greg Allman.

Despite Elijah’s acknowledgment of past addiction struggles, the 41-year-old appeared in court to assert his sobriety. He claimed to be drug-free, attending AA meetings, and willing to undergo future drug tests, opposing his mother’s conservatorship filing.