‘Cinderella’s Lesley Ann Warren Found Love at 1st Sight after 1st Husband Went to Barbra Streisand – She Stuns at 76 Now

Lesley Ann Warren, the enchanting star of the 1960s “Cinderella,” continues to captivate at 76!

Following her divorce from her first husband, who left her for Barbra Streisand, Warren has found love anew with her current partner.

Reflecting on her first and second marriages, the Hollywood icon has shared insights into her relationship with Streisand and the contrasts between her past and present unions.

Renowned for her unforgettable portrayal in the 1965 TV musical “Cinderella,” Warren, at 76, remains timeless and stunning.

After her initial marital setback, Warren embraced a second chance at love with her new companion. She has also been forthcoming about her current rapport with Streisand.

Recently lauded for her radiant appearance, Warren shared an Instagram photo on April 16, posing with vocal coach Bob Garrett, praising a dear friend’s documentary premiere she attended.

Fans flooded her with compliments, marveling at her enduring beauty.

Many still remember her from her “Cinderella” days, and seeing Warren seemingly untouched by time pleasantly surprised many. The admiration for her ageless allure continues to pour in on social media.

In 1967, Warren married film producer Jon Peters, with whom she had a son, Christopher Peters.

Despite the eventual divorce in 1975, they remained proud parents to Christopher, who followed in their footsteps in the entertainment industry.

Warren’s journey into motherhood was a deeply cherished experience. Despite the challenges of single motherhood, she expressed immense pride and love for her son, Christopher.

Peters’ encounter with Streisand during their marriage ultimately led to a transformative romantic relationship between them.

Despite the initial scandal, Warren navigated her post-divorce life with resilience and authenticity.

In her subsequent marriage to Ron Taft, Warren found profound differences compared to her earlier union, which she embraced wholeheartedly.

Their enduring love and happiness have stood the test of time.

Celebrating their 24th anniversary, Warren and Taft exemplify enduring love and mutual respect. Despite the complexities of her past, Warren maintains a positive relationship with Streisand, harboring no resentment.