Fans Say Susan Lucci Has an ‘Entirely Different’ Nose at 77 After Plastic Surgery — Before and After Pics

Susan Lucci, famously known for her role as Erica Kane on “All My Children,” has been a notable figure in the entertainment world for many years. Her appearance continues to draw public interest.

Recent social media photos comparing Lucci’s appearance at age 23 and at 77 have sparked discussions among fans about possible plastic surgery, particularly on her nose. The images led to a mix of reactions. One commenter remarked, “She could have kept her original nose,” while another speculated, “Too many plastic surgeries; her nose looks different. Is that even her actual younger pic?”

Some fans expressed surprise at her transformation, with comments like, “Would have never recognized her,” and “Her nose is entirely different.” Others noted, “She is very pretty and has a nice smile. Her bones sticking out make her look old and scrawny.”

Despite the mixed reactions, admiration for Lucci’s timeless beauty remains. One fan noted, “For 77 she looks very good,” while another added, “She [didn’t] age much, still looks good and amazing.”

Lucci attributes her youthful appearance to good genes and a rigorous skincare routine, inspired by her mother, a registered nurse who emphasized prevention and making the best of what one has.

In a recent interview, Lucci highlighted the importance of daily skincare and hydration for maintaining healthy skin. She humorously addressed her approach to aging, saying, “Oh, I’m kicking and screaming all the way.” She adheres to a strict skincare routine, using Neutrogena wipes for makeup removal, followed by a Clé de Peau Beauté cleanser and SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum with growth factors.

She regularly consults a dermatologist and incorporates Botox into her routine, viewing it as a preventive measure. “My mother was a nurse, and she believed a lot in prevention. So I thought, maybe I could do something to prevent [lines] from happening,” she explained.

Lucci’s dermatologist, Dr. Ellen Gendler, applies Botox with a natural approach. For Lucci, aging is more about one’s state of mind and body than age. She believes that strength is the cornerstone of beauty, regardless of age.

Her youthful appearance is also credited to good genes and diligent self-care. Lucci emphasizes listening to your body and skin and taking care of it daily. “If your skin looks good today and you take care of it, it will likely look good tomorrow,” she advised, reflecting her philosophy of timeless beauty.

AI-generated photos have imagined Lucci without facial enhancements, sparking curiosity about her natural appearance. Besides skincare, she stresses doing “the best with what you’ve got,” promoting an active lifestyle and wellness. Her routine includes frequent Pilates workouts and following a Mediterranean diet.

Pilates not only transformed her physique but also guided her towards healthier dietary choices. She commends the Pro Chair for its efficiency, providing a comprehensive workout in just 20 minutes.

In her late sixties, Lucci embraced social media, initially hesitant due to her private nature. A vacation in St. Barts changed her perspective when a bikini photo she posted went viral, leading her to realize the potential of Instagram for connecting with fans.

Her status as a social media star was cemented in February 2018 with paparazzi photos of her in Sandy Lane, Barbados. Rather than being upset, Lucci was pleased with the positive reactions. “The reaction was very unexpected—and so flattering,” she said.

Lucci’s discipline extends to her diet. She rarely indulges in desserts or snacks and limits bread and pasta. Her typical lunch is a turkey-and-avocado sandwich, substituting bread with beefsteak tomatoes. She also restricts alcohol to special occasions.

Her commitment to health intensified after battling heart disease and undergoing two surgeries. Despite her healthy lifestyle, she experienced severe chest pressure and pain in October 2018. Initially dismissing the symptoms, she later advocated for heart health awareness, urging people to ask questions and be aware of their health indicators. “My numbers were good, but they didn’t indicate everything,” she said.

Lucci’s life is filled with holistic wellness, but not without challenges. She faced the devastating loss of her husband, Helmut Huber, who passed away in 2022 after 53 years of marriage. Losing him shifted her perspective, making health and other aspects of life seem less important. She expressed, “I feel good. I lost the love of my life, and that’s been awful, but I have friends who make me laugh and keep me out and about, and I’m determined to keep putting one foot in front of the other.”