Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Significant Weight Loss: City Walks as a Fitness Routine

Kelly Clarkson has finally opened up about her significant weight loss in a recent interview with People. The 41-year-old singer and talk show host unveiled her new look, complete with a bold hairstyle, on the November 13th episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Amidst rumors circulating about celebrities using drugs like Ozempic for weight loss, Clarkson decided to share the truth about her journey. She attributed her weight loss to engaging in vigorous city walks and adopting new wellness practices.

“I’m really into infrared saunas right now. And I just got a cold plunge because everybody wore me down,” revealed the American Idol alum. Her move from Los Angeles to New York City last year seems to have influenced her fitness routine, emphasizing the impact of urban walking.

Previously, Clarkson had discussed her struggles with dieting to address thyroid and autoimmune issues, resulting in a 37-pound weight loss. Now, she emphasizes that her current weight loss is a result of following her doctor’s advice.

“I dropped weight because I’ve been listening to my doctor — a couple of years I didn’t. And 90% of the time I’m really good at it because a protein diet is good for me anyway. I’m a Texas girl, so I like meat — sorry, vegetarians in the world!” she humorously added.