From Fame to Obscurity: Exploring the Lives of 5 Teen Idols Now Forgotten

Celebrities such as John Walmsley, Leif Garrett, Bo Derek, and others have chosen to leave behind their Hollywood lifestyles in pursuit of more ordinary lives. For some, this meant relocating to quieter locales, while others embraced selfless endeavors in the field of medicine.

Ali MacGraw, Bobby Sherman, and several other celebrities have transitioned into entirely different lifestyles compared to their Hollywood days. Many have discovered their true callings, engaging in activities like activism and more. Continue reading to delve into the details of what these former stars are up to now.

Celebrities such as John Walmsley, Leif Garrett, Bo Derek, and others have chosen to leave behind their Hollywood lifestyles in pursuit of more ordinary lives. For some, this meant relocating to quieter locales, while others embraced selfless endeavors in the field of medicine.

Ali MacGraw, Bobby Sherman, and several other celebrities have transitioned into entirely different lifestyles compared to their Hollywood days. Many have discovered their true callings, engaging in activities like activism and more. Continue reading to delve into the details of what these former stars are up to now.

Since October 2019, Jon Walmsley has deliberately chosen to live away from the spotlight, residing in Cornwall, Britain, after relocating from California. Leading an anonymous life alongside his wife, Marion, the couple has opted not to have any children.

Originally, Walmsley’s parents hailed from Lancashire, Britain. They made the move to California when he was just two years old. Jon developed a deep affection for Cornwall during one of his visits, ultimately influencing his decision to settle there.

Reflecting on his life in the tranquil town and the anonymity it provides, the voice behind Disney’s “Winnie the Pooh’s” Christopher Robin remarked, “I don’t really get recognized as I changed my look a few years ago and now look quite different than on ‘The Waltons.'” This intentional transformation in appearance has allowed him to navigate life in Cornwall without the constant recognition that his earlier fame might have brought.

By choosing a life away from the public eye and embracing a different look, Jon Walmsley has found solace and privacy in the charming surroundings of Cornwall, far removed from the hustle and bustle of his Hollywood past.

Rather than harboring any frustration about not being recognized, Jon Walmsley, the accomplished musician, expressed how the anonymity he enjoyed was actually advantageous. Being able to live a low-profile life allowed him to indulge in people-watching without the altered behavior that often accompanies interactions with celebrities.

Walmsley shared that he and his wife found joy in the scenic beauty of their surroundings, appreciating elements like the coastal path, the woods, the sea, and the various aspects of rural life such as sheep, farms, wild ponies, and cows. Additionally, he mentioned relishing the “good food” available in the area they now call home.

The decision to settle in Cornwall was not impulsive; Walmsley revealed that they had been vacationing in the region for years, gradually establishing a strong connection that transformed it into a place that felt like home.

In essence, Jon Walmsley embraced the perks of anonymity, allowing him and his wife to savor the simple pleasures of life in Cornwall, where the natural beauty and tranquility provided a stark contrast to the celebrity-centric environment he had experienced earlier in his career.

According to Jon Walmsley’s recollections on his music website, he and his wife made a significant decision in 2018. Instead of opting for a traditional vacation, they chose to embark on a more profound journey by relocating to England for the summer. The preparations for this major move began in earnest, with the sale of their car and RV, along with bidding farewell to friends and neighbors in Maine by June of that year.

Among the possessions that accompanied them on this life-changing adventure were two parakeets inherited from Walmsley’s late mother, who had battled Alzheimer’s disease. These avian companions served as a connection to his past and a poignant reminder of his family history.

Upon arriving in England, Jon Walmsley and Marion embarked on the process of establishing a new life. This included purchasing a car, opening a bank account, and registering with the National Health Service (NHS), demonstrating their commitment to integrating into the local community and embracing the practicalities of daily life in their newfound home.

The couple, Jon Walmsley and Marion, have been immersing themselves in the scenic beauty and cultural richness of Cornwall, enjoying the moors, coastal paths, historic churches, and local pubs. According to IMDb, Jon Walmsley has retired from acting and appears to be thriving away from the public eye.

In a Facebook post during Thanksgiving in 2018, a photo captured Marion kissing her husband on the cheek, and Jon expressed his gratitude, stating how “thankful” he was for his wife. Notably, there has been a noticeable transformation in Walmsley’s appearance since his Hollywood days. He appeared gaunter, with his once full red hair replaced by shorter grays, complemented by a gray beard and mustache. This marked a significant departure from his images in February and June 2015 when he still resembled the familiar figure his fans were accustomed to.

The shift away from the limelight seems to have positively impacted Jon Walmsley, who celebrated a significant milestone in 2023 – turning 67.

Shifting the spotlight to another ’70s teenage idol, Leif Garrett, he, along with David and Shaun Cassidy and the Bay City Rollers, was a prominent name in the realm of ’70s teenage idols. Known for hits like “I Was Made for Dancin’,” Garrett earned a global fan base for his boyish looks and catchy pop songs.

In 2023, Leif Garrett left fans saddened as they witnessed his appearance at the age of 61. The star, once known for his wholesome image that catered to mainly pre-teenage girl fans and their parents, faced challenges in transitioning his career to adulthood.

By the mid-’80s, Garrett’s career had essentially come to a halt, and though he attempted a return to acting in movies, these endeavors failed to gain much traction. Unfortunately, this period was marked by Garrett’s struggles with substance abuse, compounding the challenges he faced. Additionally, he carried the burden of guilt over his involvement in a car accident that left his friend, Roland Winkler, paralyzed.

Leif Garrett’s journey post-teen idol fame reflects the difficulties many face in navigating the transition from child or teenage stardom to a sustainable adult career, compounded by personal struggles and challenges.

More than twenty years ago, Garrett, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, drove away from the Hollywood Freeway, leaving Winkler, who passed away in 2017, paralyzed.

On March 30, 2023, author and actress Ginger Coyote posted a photo on Facebook featuring Garrett, disclosing that it captured his appearance during their last encounter. In the picture, he appeared distinct, sporting a bandana on his head, a scarf, and a jacket.

One fan responded to the post with a sad word for his appearance, “Aww.” Another person noted how they’d had “such a crush” on the singer for the longest time but that his story tugged at their heartstrings, while someone else could only say: “OMG.”

On March 20, 2023, another fan shared what appeared to be an album cover from one of Garrett’s earlier works when he was still a prominent celebrity. The individual disclosed having his pictures on their wall back in 1997. Someone else expressed sorrow over what happened to him and Winkler, attributing the actor’s struggles to an addiction to illegal substances.

The singer once opened up about the factors that led to his addiction and subsequent downfall, potentially shocking his fans. In a 2020 interview, Garrett revealed that during his teenage idol days, his managers deceived everyone by claiming he was suffering from exhaustion when, in reality, they were pushing for sold-out shows.

The musician had to feign sickness and was “living this lie.” The goal was for him to come off as having a perfect image of what they wanted from him, but he knew it was wrong. As a young man, he also had a chance to have a musical career, but instead of starting immediately with training, his voice was processed until it barely sounded like him.

A background singer, Jim Haas, was brought in, and the person’s voice was quite prominent, and sometimes Garrett felt like they were making that person’s record and not his. The star felt like they were taking advantage of him for his looks when all he wanted to do was act.

Leif Garrett had to rely heavily on technical assistance and lip-sync during concerts, an experience he deemed “horrible.” Singing under such conditions was particularly distressing for him, as he felt it was unjust to the fans who had purchased tickets to witness live performances.

The pressure to maintain an image as a musical artist, despite not being able to genuinely perform, pushed Garrett towards using illegal substances. The celebrity became disillusioned, feeling that people were more interested in his record sales than in what he had to express. He aspired to have a lasting career as an adult artist.

In more recent times, Leif Garrett has undergone a transformation, expressing that he now feels good and engages in music out of genuine love for it. However, he emphasized that he’s not in a hurry to do more unless it aligns with authenticity.

Switching topics, the text briefly mentions Bo Derek, highlighting her choice of the nickname “Bo” during her relationship with director John Derek. It touches upon her early involvement in the movie “Fantasies” and the subsequent affair with John Derek, who was significantly older and married to actress Linda Evans at the time.

The director and actress, John Derek and Bo Derek, fell in love during the filming of a movie in Greece. Bo made the decision to drop out of high school to stay in Europe with John, a move motivated by a desire to avoid statutory rape laws. Subsequently, John divorced his then-wife, Linda Evans.

Upon turning 18, Bo and John returned to California and remained married from 1976 until John’s death in 1998. John Derek, known for “Bolero,” passed away at the age of 71 due to heart failure at the Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria, California.

Following Bo’s early successes, particularly with “10” that catapulted her to icon status, John directed her in several films that did not achieve significant recognition or success. Five years after John’s death, Bo found love again with John Corbett. The couple, both single at the time, was set up by an agent friend and eventually got married in December 2020 after nearly two decades together. They preferred to keep their nuptials private, but John revealed the news on “The Talk.”

Bo and John Corbett, both private individuals, enjoy a quiet life on their ranch, surrounded by their love for animals. They have horses and a vast property for riding. Bo often starts her day by riding her horse before tending to ranch chores. Many items in their home were from John Derek’s ex-wives, including Ursula Andress and Linda Evans.

Engaging in various charities and launching her pet care line, “Bo Derek Pet Care,” Bo is actively involved in philanthropy. Besides their main home, they own a property in Ventura, a small house by the harbor. Bo expresses gratitude for her beautiful homes, horses, and boats. Despite turning 66 in June 2023, Bo Derek maintains a fresh and youthful appearance, continuing to be a sex symbol, a label she has become accustomed to over the years.

Bobby Sherman, once a teenage singing sensation and actor, transitioned into a life-saving role as an emergency medical technician (EMT) and reserve deputy sheriff. Achieving fame in the 1960s and ’70s with hit singles like “Little Woman,” Sherman’s hectic schedule led him to take a break from his entertainment career. He built a studio in his garage and began recording scores for television shows and movies.

Despite the success in the entertainment industry, Sherman prioritized being close to his sons after his divorce. Discovering his aptitude for first aid and CPR, he became an EMT and later worked as a sworn police officer with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department and the LAPD. Named LAPD’s Reserve Officer of the Year in 1999, Sherman found his work in saving lives tremendously rewarding, even delivering five babies in the field.

In 1998, after a 25-year hiatus, Sherman returned to the stage as part of “The Teen Idol Tour.” He continued to receive fan adoration, and in 2010, he married Brigitte Poublon, founding the Bobby Sherman Volunteer EMT Foundation in Southern California.

Despite the shift in career, Sherman remains grateful for his teen idol title, acknowledging the impact fans had on his life. At 80 years old in July 2023, he enjoys a quiet life with his wife and cherishes visits from his two sons and six grandchildren.

Switching topics, Ali MacGraw, renowned for her acting prowess and style, made a significant decision to give up Hollywood for a quieter life in Mexico. While her on-screen performances are well-remembered, her romantic relationships have also made headlines in the entertainment industry.

Ali MacGraw, a talented performer, experienced three marriages in her illustrious career. Her first marriage was to Robin Hoen, followed by the acclaimed producer Robert Evans. Eventually, she said “I do” to her co-star from “The Getaway,” Steve McQueen.

When MacGraw married Steve McQueen, he urged her to give up her acting career, desiring a “normal life” after a challenging childhood. Despite being the biggest movie star at the time, McQueen wanted MacGraw to focus on caring for their child, Josh. However, McQueen’s infidelity and substance abuse strained their marriage, leading to their divorce in 1977.

Facing financial difficulties due to her past marriages, MacGraw chose to retire and start anew in Santa Fe, New Mexico, leading a simple and uncomplicated life. After her Malibu home was destroyed by fire in 1993, she moved to Santa Fe in 1994, living in a charming cottage, reading, collecting rocks, and finding fulfillment in solitude.

At 83 years old in January 2023, MacGraw remained single for 44 years, a proud mother and grandmother. She embraced a life without a consistent income but considered herself “much more famous” than wealthy. Despite financial constraints, MacGraw used her voice to support causes like animal welfare and the environment, actively volunteering and supporting groups such as Animal Protection New Mexico.

Her daily routine involved caring for her animals, walking, gardening, painting, volunteering, and prioritizing health through yoga or Pilates. MacGraw treasured her close friends, frequently went on dates, and cherished time with her only son, Josh, who became a successful author, screenwriter, and filmmaker. As a parent and grandmother, MacGraw found peace and contentment in her simple and quiet life in Santa Fe, living in the present and valuing relationships with loved ones.