Helen Hunt Shared New Makeup-Free Photo: At 60, Fans Accused Her of Having Undergone Plastic Surgery

Helen Hunt’s recent Instagram post sparked a wave of nostalgia among fans as she shared a snapshot of the book “Twister,” a film she starred in years ago. However, the focus quickly shifted to her appearance, eliciting a range of reactions.

The seasoned actress, boasting over 500k followers, uploaded a selfie on September 16, 2023, showcasing herself holding the book.

“Thrifting. #twister #VHS,” Helen captioned the post, appearing makeup-free with her blonde hair styled down and adorned in a denim jacket over a white top.

While some admirers praised her natural look, others couldn’t resist commenting on her appearance, both positively and negatively.

One supporter wrote, “Helen, you look very cool,” while another nostalgically remarked, “Still a beauty, Helen,” referencing her role in the 1996 movie. However, amidst the compliments, criticism emerged, with some accusing her of undergoing plastic surgery and expressing surprise at her altered appearance.

“Why would you do that to your face? You were beautiful before all the plastic surgery,” one commenter stated, echoing sentiments of others who speculated about changes in her appearance.

Beyond the scrutiny of her appearance, Helen’s personal life also drew attention. At 60 years old, she has experienced marriage, divorce, and motherhood.

Her brief marriage to actor Hank Azaria ended in 2000, followed by a relationship with producer Matthew Carnahan, with whom she shares her daughter Makena, born in 2004.

Despite the end of her relationship with Carnahan, the two continue to prioritize co-parenting their daughter, even as they move forward in separate romantic endeavors. Helen’s current relationship with photographer Steven Tepper has remained low-key, with insiders describing him as a private individual who has integrated into her family life, garnering approval from her daughter Makena.

As they navigate their relationship, Helen remains cautious about exposing their romance to the public eye, opting to prioritize their connection over external scrutiny.

The insider disclosed that despite Helen Hunt’s choice to maintain privacy regarding her relationship with Steven, their bond was thriving at that time.

Furthermore, Makena appeared to have developed a fondness for her mother’s partner. “Makena likes him, and that means a lot to her. [Helen] deserves happiness, and Steven brings joy to her life,” the insider divulged.