“Home Improvement” stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn reunite for a new television show

We all have that one old television show we dearly miss and wish would make a comeback soon.

One such beloved show is Home Improvement, and now the cherished comedic duo is making a return with a brand new series!

Tim Allen and Richard Karn, the fantastic comedic pair fondly remembered from their “Home Improvement” days, are back together for a new television venture.

The dynamic duo is hosting the show “Assembly Required,” a competition where builders go head-to-head. Premiering on the History Channel, the first season was released in 2021.

While this show differs from the scripted comedy style we associate with Allen and Karn’s “Home Improvement,” it still manages to be humorous, thanks to the hosts’ comedic timing and the engaging participants.

Even before the show’s release, there was considerable excitement among fans of their previous work, eager to see the duo back in action on their screens. Both Allen and Karn expressed enthusiasm about working together again, frequently sharing promotional material for the show on their social media accounts.

“Assembly Required” is a competition-style show featuring builders, handymen, and construction workers solving household problems. Participants are judged on their creativity as they take on challenges to breathe new life into old household items.

The show showcases talented builders competing to earn the title of the best builder. While a second season has not been confirmed yet, the entire first season is available for fans everywhere to enjoy!

Now, old fans of “Home Improvement” can relish the antics of their favorite duo in new episodes of a television show that highlights the famous pair doing what they do best: improving homes!

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